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U.S. Bank credit cards are perfect for consumers who want to be spoiled with a multitude of perks and benefits. U.S. Bancorp offers a wide range of credit cards that will cater to your every desire. If you would like a card from a company that will shower you with an assortment of options, then you can easily apply online for one or several of U.S. Bancorp’s cards.

Who Is U.S. Bancorp and

U.S. Bancorp is a Minnesota based company that was founded in 1850. The company has been providing a wide range of financial services to the American populous for more than 100 years. The company’s credit cards are popular for their rewards and advantages. Some of the cards available through U.S. Bancorp are the FlexPerks Travel Rewards card, the Cash+ Visa Signature card, the Ace Rewards Visa, the Visa Platinum card, and the Perks+ Visa Signature card. Many additional U.S Bank cards are available.

Qualifying for U.S. Bank Credit Cards

You must meet certain criteria to qualify for U.S. Bank credit cards. First, you must be a United States resident with a social security number. Next, you must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a U.S. Bank card. Credit cards require you to sign a contract, and minors are not legally eligible to do such. Additionally, you should have an excellent credit score. Many of U.S Bank’s credit card products require an excellent credit score. You may obtain a card with a good credit score, however. A good credit score is one that is between 700 and 750 points. An excellent credit score is one that goes beyond 750 points. If you meet the aforementioned criteria, then you should take a moment to apply for U.S. Bank credit cards. The application system is quick and extremely easy to understand.

Choosing the Right U.S. Bank Credit Card

You can find a credit card that is perfect for you by visiting the U.S. Bank website and using the “recommended offers” tool. The “recommended offers” will tell you if the company recommends any specific cards for you. Alternatively, you can browse the various categories based on your personal needs. For example, you can click on the “Cash Back Credit Cards” section if your main goal is to earn cash back on your purchases. If you prefer to earn points or miles for vacations and business trips, then you will want to click on the “Travel Rewards Credit Cards” section. Once you find a card you like, you can easily complete the application process.

How to Apply for a U.S. Bank Credit Card

You can apply for a U.S. Bank credit card using three methods. If you have received an offer in the mail, then you will want to visit the site through You will need the confirmation number that you received with your mail invitation. You will enter your confirmation number and your zip code in the boxes, and then click “continue” to move forward with the application.

You may use the “recommended offers” tool to find credit cards for which you may qualify. You can select a card from the recommended list and then click “apply” to proceed with the online application. Your third option is to simply browse the U.S. Bank website to find the card that you desire. You can use the comparison tool so you can see various features such the annual percentage rate, annual fee, balance transfer fee and the like. You can click “apply online” when you find a card that you would like to own.

The U.S. Bank credit card application consists of three easy steps, and you will most likely receive your answer within 60 seconds. New credit cards usually arrive in the mail within seven to 10 business days from the application date.

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