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A wide variety of credit cards is available through quick online applications. Chase Bank offers an attractive line of cards that appeal to the interest-conscious consumers. The Chase Slate card is an exceptional product for people who have good to excellent credit scores. Some consumers with average credit have reported that they received approvals as well. The best way to find out about one’s qualifications is to complete the application process.

About Chase Bank and

Chase Bank is known in its entirety as JP Morgan Chase Bank. Chase is a financial company that was founded in 1799. The company’s first name was the Bank of the Manhattan. Chase is one of the largest banks in the United States, and it has a yearly revenue of more than $20 billion.

What Is the Chase Slate Card?

The Chase Slate card is one of Chase’s premier credit cards. The main benefit of the Chase Slate card is the special introductory rate. New cardholders can benefit from a 0 percent annual percentage rate for the first 15 months of owning a card. Consumers who would like to transfer balances do not have to pay a balance transfer fee when they carry over balances either. Another excellent feature of the Chase Slate card is that it has no annual fee. Additionally, cardholders who fall victim to fraud will have no liability. Furthermore, cardholders have access to 24/7 customers service.

Qualifying for the Chase Slate Card

Chase may send prospective cardholders invitations to apply for the Slate card. They base their decisions to send out invitations on consumer credit reports and scores. A person who receives an application has already passed many of the qualifying criteria. An interested party will have to be at least 18 years of age or older to apply for the Chase Slate card. He or she will need to be a United States citizen, as well. Additionally, the person will need to have a credit score that qualifies him or her for the card. A person with a FICO score of more than 660 has a fair chance of receiving an approval. However, a score of more than 700 is preferred.

Two percent of the people who have Chase Slate cards have credit scores that are between 550 and 660 points. Twenty-three percent of Chase Slate cardholders have credit scores between 661 and 700. Thirty-six percent of them have credit scores that are between 701 and 750.

Consumer Opinions

Consumers have mixed feelings about the Chase Slate card. Its average rating is three stars out of five. The consumers who rave about the card love it because it came with a high initial credit line. Consumers who had little hope of obtaining an approval stated that they received a card.

How to Apply for the Chase Slate Card

A person who has a mail invitation can complete an online application by visiting the special mail offer site at The person will enter the 12-digit invitation number from the invite. Next, the person will want to enter a five-digit zip code and a last name. The consumer will move to the application once he or she clicks the “submit” button.

A person who is interested in a Chase Slate card can visit and apply for a card without an invitation. Chase will ask a few qualifying questions such as whether the applicant has a bankruptcy or any seriously delinquent accounts. The questions will appear shortly after the address section.

The second section will ask the consumer about monthly income, bank accounts and employment status. The entire process takes approximately three minutes, and the applicant may receive an answer within 60 seconds. Applications that need a bit more processing will display a message to the applicant. The message will say that the person will receive an answer or a card within seven to 10 business days.

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