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Fuel expenses are a constant concern for modern consumers. Therefore, a credit card that can offer savings on fuel expenses is a highly desired product in the modern credit card market. The Shell gas station paired up with Citibank to develop the perfect credit card for consumers who focus mainly on fuel. The Shell Drive for Five card is an excellent utility for consumers who spend a great deal of time behind the wheel.

About Shell and

Royal Dutch Shell or Shell is a Dutch gas company that Ben van Beurden founded in 1907. Shell does business in more than 90 countries, and the company earns a hefty $452 billion per year.

About Citi

Michael Corbat founded the Citi financial company in 1812. Citi has a headquarters in New York City, and it earns approximately $13 billion per year. Citi produces a large line of credit cards through its own name and with other companies.

The Shell Drive for Five Card

The Shell Drive for Five card is a product that keeps on giving back to the driving consumer. New cardholders receive a $.25 discount per gallon of gas for two months following account opening. After the introductory period ends, the consumers will receive a discount of $.05 per gallon of gas. To qualify for continued discounts, the cardholders must purchase at least 45 gallons per month, and the discounts will continue to 100 gallons per month.

The Shell Drive for Five card offers a wealth of additional benefits along with its amazing gas savings. Consumers who own the card will have the convenience of paying at the pump for their gasoline. They have access to online account management in which they can separate their gas purchases from other purchases to see their expenses clearly. Additionally, cardholders have the option to make minimum payments each month and order cards for family members at no additional cost. Customers who fall victim to fraudulent purchases and practices will have $0 liability. Citi has an intricate identity theft program that protects the rights of its cardholders.

Qualifying for the Shell Drive for Five Card

Consumers who wish to obtain a Shell Drive for Five card must be at least 18 years of age or older. Married applicants can apply for separate cards if they so desire. The company will issue a new credit card based on the consumer’s creditworthiness. The initial credit line may be as little as $200 for consumers who have troubled credit histories. Persons who obtain approval for the Shell credit card may receive a new card in seven to 10 business days.

Applying for the Shell Drive for Five Card

Applying for the Shell Drive for Five Card is quite simple. Interested parties will want to visit the website and complete an online application. The application process is easy, and a new applicant may receive an answer within 60 seconds. The first section of the application asks questions about the consumer’s personal information. Personal information consists of information such as email address, telephone number, address, date of birth and social security number. The second portion of the application asks the consumer financial information such as annual salary, residency status and mortgage payment status. The last part of the application asks the consumer to agree to the credit card’s terms and agreements.

The applicant should read the terms and agreements section thoroughly to get a firm grasp on the possible annual percentage rates and fees that the card company may have intact. The person must then click a check box to agree to the terms. Next, the applicant will click “verify application” to ensure that all information on the application is exactly as the consumer wants it. Once the person goes over the information on the application, the final step is clicking the “submit” button. Most consumers will receive an instant decision. Those who do not receive an instant decision should hear something within 30 days.


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