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Persons who are interested in the stock market can start investing today on the ShareBuilder site. The site offers easy and convenient ways for investors of all experience levels to trade. The wealth of tools and the benefits that the site offers makes it a trusted company for online trading.

What Is ShareBuilder?

ShareBuilder is a subsidiary of Capital One Finance, which is a large financial company that ranks eighth in the list of the largest banks in the United States. They opened in 1996, and its original name was NetStock Direct. ShareBuilder offers a long line of products for investing, retiring, banking and more.

Features Found at

ShareBuilder offers a wealth of convenient benefits. First, a new account holder does not have to make a minimum deposit or keep a minimal balance to maintain an account. Many trading accounts have such requirements. Therefore, they offer an edge to consumers who do not have large initial deposits to spare. Another feature of trading is that account holders can conduct trading actions with as little as $6.95. Additionally, users receive free analytical reports and stock ratings.


They offers quite a few head-turning bonuses for new traders. New traders can earn $50 from the company shortly after they conduct their first trade. Consumers who open IRA accounts can earn an additional $50 when they deposit $5,000 into the account. Furthermore, account holders can earn up to $600 additional dollars just by depositing funds or rolling over funds. Therefore, each new account holder can obtain $700 in bonuses. Many people will find the bonuses appealing.

Different Types of Accounts

ShareBuilder gives its members financial flexibility. The company offers several types of accounts. Consumers can open custodial accounts, individual accounts, joint accounts, traditional IRA accounts, Roth IRA accounts, education savings accounts, or rollover IRAs. They give their  customers access to margin accounts, as well.

Persons who want to trade can enjoy flexibility in terms of trading style. Investors can trade for as little as $6.95. The price covers transactions such as stock purchases and sales, mutual funds transactions, options trading and the like. An account holder can conduct up to six trades using the Multiple Order Entry feature.

Users can enroll in an automatic investment plan. The automatic investment plan helps an investor to build a steady portfolio by using recurring investments. At, the account holder can select the dates and the investment amounts, and the system will automatically complete the transactions at the scheduled times. Investors can use Portfolio Builder, which is an ETF instrument that users design based on their investment preferences.

Signing up for an Account

Signing up for a new  account is extremely easy. The applicant will need personal information such as address, date of birth, social security number and the like. New applications can use a promotional code to take advantage of the aforementioned bonus offers. The promotional code is located at the beginning of the application, and it automatically populates the application as long as the applicant uses the “start now” button to apply.

The first part of the application asks the applicant if he or she should like an individual account. It asks if the person would like to transfer a retirement account, as well. The next part of the application requests identification information including the person’s email address. The application will go on to ask the applicant questions about his or her employment status, marital status, income status and more. The application will ask the person about his or her level of trading experience, as well.

After the applicant answer the questions, ShareBuilder will setup the new account and allow the person to deposit money. The accountholder can skip the initial deposit until a later date. The person can start using the tools and tutorials the minute that ShareBuilder issues the new account.

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