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Sometimes you need funds quick and the good news is that there are dozens of financial institutions that can facilitate your need. The bad news is that not every financial institution provides you loans that are in your best interest. The worst thing you can do is take out a loan with a loan company that is both difficult to work with and not trust worthy. In addition, you want to choose a loan company that has terms that you can work with. To help you decide upon a loan company, below is a review of Plain Green Loans.

Plain Green Loans Overview

Plain Green Loans is a loan company that provides fast cash for customers nationwide. The company is a tribal lending entity that is owned by the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in Montana. The corporation operates within the limits of the tribe’s tribal reservation. It is also a fully licensed lending corporation. Plain Green Loans was developed with the intent to help individuals meet their emergency borrowing needs. Emergencies constitute car payments, medical care, and travel expenses in connection to one’s job. Below is a comprehensive review of the taking out a loan with Plain Green Loans.

The Application Process at

Securing a loan with Plain Green Loans is relatively easy. In order to take out a loan, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must have a job or a proven source of income
  • You have a valid checking account
  • You reside in a state where Plain Green Loans serves

If you meet the above requirements and are able to prove such requirements, then you can easily move onto the next step of securing your loan. Once you have submitted the above information at, they will respond back to you via telephone or email. After you have been approved, you will get your funds the next day.

The Loan Amount

Before you take out a loan with Plain Green Loans, it is important to note that the funding is primarily for emergencies. Because these loans are for emergencies, the funding amount reflects a reasonable amount that one may need in the case of an emergency. Plain Green Loans provides loans that fall in the range of $250-$3,000. After you take out a loan, you are required to follow the guidelines stipulated in the contract. The guidelines declare that you must make bi-weekly payments that go towards the value of the loan. The interest rate is included in the payments.

Interest Rates

One of the major disadvantages of using Plain Green Loans is that the interest rates are very high. For example, on a $3,000 loan, the interest rate is nearly 60% and on a $1,000 loan, the interest rate is nearly 300%. These high interest rates can make repaying the loan very difficult. However, as mentioned above, these loans are for emergency purposes. If you need the cash quick and you have a stable income to pay it back afterwards, than these interest rates should not be a problem. The good news is that despite the high interest rates, there are no additional hidden fees involved.

Customer Service

With Plain Green Loans, you can expect high quality customer service throughout the loan and repayment process. The customer service line operates throughout the entire business week. For any questions or concerns, you can call the number on the company’s website.


Green Plain Loans is a decent option to get cash quickly. If you make your scheduled payments and if you comply with the terms of the loan agreement, you should have no issue. The company works with you to help ensure that you understand the terms and are able to repay the loan amount that you take out.

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