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Boscov’s Rewards Credit Card Offers Loads of Savings
One of the favorite things I love to do is shop. Whether online or in person, Boscov is a pet department store of mine. Of all the family owned chain stores in the United States, it is the largest with 43 stores located across six Mid-Atlantic States of the US. A shopper will find brand name merchandise at Boscov ranging from women’s, men’s, and children’s fashions to furnishings for your home. Boscov offers outstanding services encompassing gift wrapping, layaway, wedding and gift registry. In addition, Boscov offers out of the ordinary department store services including Boscov’s Travel, an Optical Center, and an A La Carte Catering Service. No wonder I enjoy shopping at Boscov!

Boscov’s Credit Card Advantages to Make You Smile

Remember those times in school you received a homework pass or bonus points on your grade as rewards for good behavior. Well, Boscov’s Credit Card rewards you without any requirements. All you need to do is be a member of Boscov’s Rewards Club. Every time you use your Boscov credit card, you will receive rewards. The amount you can earn has no limit. You can either earn a 4 percent rebate on your purchases or redeem your accumulated points for a Boscov gift card. The gift card can be used at any Boscov store, online at, or on the telephone.

You Can Receive Rewards in One of Two Ways:

• When you spend at least $500, you will receive a rewards certificate with your billing statement.
• When you have accumulated 2,500 points, you can redeem them for a $25 gift card certificate.

Benefits New Boscov Credit Card Owners Receive

• The first day you use your credit card you will a special discount on all your purchases made that day.
• All new credit card owners receive 100 bonus points.
• With your new credit card, you will receive a $20 off coupon for the next purchase you make in women’s, men’s, or children’s clothing With your first three billing statements, you will receive $150 worth of coupons for savings on future purchases.

It is well worthwhile to be a member of Boscov’s Rewards Club. These members receive coupons and exclusive savings, online account management, notice of future discount offers, no annual fee, easy returns, and gold card members are eligible for sales without coupons.

Enroll for a Boscov’s Credit Card Management Online at

By enrolling for online management of your Boscov Credit Card, you will be able to:
• Submit payment of your bill online.
• See your statement online.
• Get email reminders about your account.
• See your account balance, the amount of payment that is due, and the dates payment is due online.
• See the history of all your recent transactions online.
• Check the total of rewards points you have netted.
• See your account and/or pay your bill anytime.
• Receive exclusive notices of sales that are sent only to Boscov Credit Card owners.

In order to enroll and manage your Boscov’s Credit Card account online, you must have a computer and internet access, and, of course, you must have a Boscov’s Credit Card.
You should do the following:
1. Go to the homepage for Boscov’s Credit Card at
2. In the section titled “First Time User” click the “Enroll” button.
3. Enter your personal information and card number. After that, enter a user name and password.
4. Choose whether you prefer your card statement sent to your email or to your home with snail mail.
5. After selecting two security questions and entering the answers to them, click the “continue” button.
6. Finally, complete the process of enrollment and start the management of your account.

Shopping either online at or at a store location, is certainly convenient and worthwhile with the Boscov Rewards Credit Card.


  1. Jacqueline Reinhardt says:

    My account #[…..] has been charged a late fee. My payment was due on Jan. 27th, 2015. My check was written on Jan. 22nd, sent and postmarked on Jan. 22nd (5 days ahead of the due date). Mail generally only takes 2 days to get to North Carolina, or anywhere else in the continental USA, for that matter (leaving a 3-day cushion). My payment was not applied to my account until the day after the due date. I find this highly questionable.

    I have always been a good customer. I have always paid my bills on time or ahead of time. I have never had a late fee to pay. I consider the postmark on my payment to be the date I paid the bill, just like paying your taxes. It’s legal. I would like to have this late fee removed from my account ASAP, so that I can continue to enjoy shopping at Boscov’s. Thank you in advance for a prompt response to my request.

    Jackie Reinhardt

    • Natalie Cooper says:

      Jacqueline, our site is not affiliated with Boscov’s or any other credit card issuer. Please contact Boscov’s directly for help resolving your issue. Thanks, and good luck!

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