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Interested in handling your MetLife account maintenance over the Internet? Many MetLife account holders may not be aware of the online management options that MetLife offers. Through MetLife’s online e-services page, MetLife customers can perform a wide variety of account management and payment tasks without the hassle of dealing with phone calls or waiting for mail to arrive. MetLife account holders have useful options available through logging in online.

What Is MetLife?

MetLife is a large company that provides individuals and companies with insurance policies, benefits programs for other businesses, and annuities. MetLife is a publicly traded company that is listed on both the S&P 500 and the New York Stock Exchange. The company has been dealing with insurance and financial matters since 1868, and employees over 66,000 people and has a profit of over 50 billion dollars annually. MetLife is a well known figure in the insurance industry that offers stable services that successfully keep up with the needs of the modern era. Find out more about MetLife by checking out the company website or reading more about the company’s history here.

Why Use MetLife’s Online Account Services at

MetLife’s online services provide MetLife customers with an easy way to access all their MetLife services at any time. Login to the site to get account information with a user name and password, manage bills and check the status of accounts with a changing balance whenever you want. Using MetLife’s website for account management allows customers to avoid waiting on hold or risking mistakes by dealing with a customer service representative for tasks that can be completed well over the Internet.

What MetLife’s Online Account Services Do

• Access Insurance – Check out home owner’s insurance, disability, long term care insurance, auto insurance and life insurance status online. Get information and account numbers for insurance accounts right away if you need them.

• Access Financial Services – Brokerage accounts, access to mutual funds, and access to total control accounts and annuities are all available through MetLife’s online portal. Get information about what is happening with your money through MetLife at any time.

• Simplify Account Updates – When you need to change something you can use your MetLife online login to update everything that needs to be updated in one sitting.

• Simplify Payments – Make payments on individual accounts over the Internet or set up regular payment schedules online to save time and avoid missing a bill on accident. Set up online billing to save paper and cut down on mailbox confusion at home.

How To Set Up Online Access To MetLife

1. Make sure you have access to a stable computer with regular Internet access, and keep your social security number and MetLife policy information on hand.

2. Open a browser window at MetLife’s online e-services page to register MetLife account online and click on the “Register Now” button.

3. Give MetLife the information they need to access your account and hit “Next” to continue. At this point, you’ll need to answer your security question in order to prove that you are who you say you are.

4. Consent to the online terms and conditions you need to agree to in order to access your account online, and you’ll be good to go. Once you have online access to MetLife, you can simply browse through your policies and do what you need to do.

Online MetLife access at can make it easier for MetLife customers to do things that are slow or frustrating over the phone. Many customers will also benefit from options like paperless billing. Those with a MetLife account may benefit from the regular access provided by MetLife’s e-services option.


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