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These days, with the advancement of technology and easy online solutions, more and more companies are seeing the value of starting payment services. Online payment services is a convenient way to make electronic payments, healthcare payments, payroll cards, and fleet solutions. One online payment service that provides all of these solutions is Comdata. Now, not only can you utilize their website’s payment services, but you can also become a cardholder. The Comdata Card Services Portal allows you to easily manage your account online. To attain the Comdata Card Online Account, you need to sign up. Below is an overview of the online account, how to register, and what capabilities it gives you.

www.Cardholder.Comdata.comĀ Online Account Overview

The Comdata Online Account is for Comdata members. The online account allows you to easily manage your account online without any trouble. To use the online account, all you need to do is go through the activation process, which is quick and easy. With the online account, you’ll be able to have the company process your payments and all other financial transactions. You can manage your own finances, your business, pay employees, process goods, transactions, and view spending on major purchases. Below is an overview of how to register for an online account.

Comdata Cardholder Online Account

To qualify for an online account, you must be an existing Comdata cardholder member. If you are not, you can also first sign up as a cardholder and then create your online account. In addition to being a member, you must also have a social security number. The sign up process then starts at the website. On the site, you’ll notice the link, “Cardholder Registration Here.” Click on the link, enter your card number and activation code on the new page, then click “next.” Afterwards, you will be asked to set up your username and password, to enter your name and address, and select your state and county. Once this process is complete, you will receive a notification email from Cardata Cardholder Service prompting you to log in by entering your username and password that you registered with. You’re now ready to use your account.

Make Virtual Payments

The first advantage of using an online account is that all payments are now virtual. At the click of a button, you can pay employees, suppliers, and other merchants so that your business stays on track. Furthermore, this feature allows you to easily view all incoming and outgoing funds in your account so you can ensure that everything is clear.

Payroll Solutions

Owning a business is a major expense, which means anything that reduces cost is good. Comdata’s online account ( allows you to make payroll without the need of paper statements. In addition, the time spent on payroll is reduced when you do it online, instant card issuance and funding is available, employees benefit, and you are also able to leverage comprehensive cardholder solutions.

Instant Service and Security

Without online services, processes take time and can be daunting on a business. For this reason, taking action online is a better alternative. All transactions made, statements, payments, and so forth are easily taken care of at the click of a button. When you utilize online services, you can also be sure that all transactions made online are secure. Your information is confidential, and your identity is kept safe.


Online services at Comdata is a great solution for Comdata members that are looking for a quick and easy mode of transaction for their business. You’ll also be able to cut costs, reduce paperwork, enjoy efficiency, and easily care for your business when it comes to finances. Everything is done at the click of a button and sign up is quick and easy.


  1. Where do I go too enter my personal banking information so I can get my checks put in there instead of your card

  2. Cynthia Reed says:

    How do I retrieve my paycheck stubs for proof of income?

  3. michael willis says:

    i am having problems retrieving my pay stub online . i need proof of income to purchase a new vehichle asap. please help me. Thanks

  4. Lillyy Hall for Perry Hall says:

    We are having trouble trying to get his balance on his comdata card. We tried two weeks ago at a local gas station, it still worked. The recording keeps asking to enter the last four digits. I enter the last four and it says that those numbers are invalid. Please get this mess fixed. It said the other day he had $4.82. It should have way way more than that.

    • Natalie Cooper says:

      Hi Lilly, BankingSense is not actually affiliated with Comdata, so please contact them directly for help. I hope you get your issues resolved quickly!


  5. Joyce Thompson says:

    What do I do to enter my personal banking information so I can get my checks put into my bank rather than on your card? Where do I go on this site to do that?

  6. Jerrel Cederboom says:

    These cards were forced on me by Truck companies. I now have 3. Two still have a total balance of $26. Been trying for a year to cash out my balance and close those accounts.

  7. how are you able to transfer your funds from your comdata card to your own personal bank

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