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Powered by a partnership between credit card giant American Express and super store WalMart, Bluebird is a financial account that provides an attractive alternative to traditional bank accounts while providing all the conveniences and options of high-tech banking.

What is a Bluebird Account?

With a Bluebird account, you’ll see a lack of fees that may cause you to do a double-take. In many banks, it is a common tactic to sneak in fees wherever it can to earn off their clients, some even going to the length to charge their clients for not having an adequate balance to meet their requirements. Bluebird does away with monthly and annual fees, foreign exchange and bill pay fees, and no fees for inactivity or card replacement. With this account, you’ll never e surprised by your monthly statement.

Convenience is another plus to opening a Bluebird account at Direct deposit services come through with no fees as does their mobile check deposit feature, accessible through the Bluebird Mobile App. Through this app you can also transfer money between your different accounts, monitor monthly statements, and even pay your bills without having to go through the hassle of the postal service. However, if you choose to do things the old fashioned way, there are physical checks you can get access to and use for purchases.

The Bluebird Mobile App is an easy and convenient way to manage your account on the go from your cell phone and other mobile devices. With this app you can check the current balance of your account, pending and processed transactions through your transaction history. In addition to details of your account, you can interact with it as well by transferring money between banks and accounts, pay your bills, monitoring spending, a and even set spending limits for yourself and all other accounts you control.

Bluebird also aims to help you get organized with your money and the financial goals you have set for yourself in the future. Free of charge, Bluebird offers Family Accounts that allow you to split up finances into and manage as many as four different accounts, allowing you to help your children learn to manage their finances, even those that may be students living far from home. These split accounts also come with debit cards they can use to access their isolated account while you retain the ability to set spending limits, review statements, and monitor activity.

Set Aside is another feature that puts you in direct control of your money, allowing you to save money in a locked corner of your account to pay for planned expenses in the future. This is done by either taking one lump sum or by withdrawing from your account at fixed intervals chosen by you. But you’re still in control, and can end Set Aside whenever you want and get your money back into your account.

While all these services and conveniences are great, matching and even surpassing those of traditional bank accounts, Bluebird has benefits it extends to its customers to make their banking experience even better.

Purchase Protection monitors suspicious purchases on your account for up to three months after the date of purchase, making sure your account hasn’t been accessed by an unauthorized party, keeping your money and information secure. This will come into play mostly when you are traveling, as this is when scammers and phishers are known to steal banking information from their victims. But with Purchase Protection, Bluebird does all it can to make sure you’re safe and secure even when you’re far from home.

What do You Need to Apply For an Account at

As with most banks, you will need to meet some requirements in order to qualify for a Bluebird account. You need to be at least 18 years of age to open an account, have a valid Social Security Number, and be a permanent resident or citizen in the United States.

How do You Apply For an Account?

You can complete the application on the Blue Bird site. The process takes only a few minutes to complete.

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