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These days, to keep up with the demands of customers, financial institutions are launching many different types of programs. These programs are meant to provide benefits to customers so that their banking becomes better, easier, and mtore accessible. One particular financial institution that has current launched a program is Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch provides Benefits OnLine for its customers, which are essentially retirement and benefits services that are all issued by Merrill Lynch. If you are a customer or are considering a becoming a customer, it is important to be aware of what you are being offered so that you can properly manage your finances.

Merrill Lynch Benefits OnLine Overview

Merrill Lynch is a wealth management and financial service institution that caters to millions of Americans every day. To ensure that customer have complete access, it has rolled out its OnLine service, which not only provides online easy access, but also a number of benefits from customers to enjoy from. This system is an easy way to go green without the hassle of paperwork that can easily get lost. Furthermore, the service allows you to choose the method of delivery for all your online statements, which is why many are currently making the switch to the Merrill Lynch OnLine service.


To qualify for this OnLine benefit center (, you need to have an existing Merrill Lynch account, you must be a U.S. participant, and you need to have a valid SSN. If you qualify, signing up is also very easy. After visiting the OnLine Benefits Information Center, all you need to do is create a user ID, enter your SSN, answer the security question, choose an ID and password, submit, and them confirm.

All of Your Paperwork is OnLine

The main advantage of this service is that everything that you do with the bank is OnLine. When you log into your account, you’ll be able to view your bank statements, access your score, view your accounts, access your retirement account if you are at that stage, and action online. These advantages save you the hassle of dealing with paperwork and they allow you to make calculated decisions about your finances instantly because you do not need to wait for the paperwork to arrive in the mail.

Constant Attention to your Accounts

Another benefit that Merrill Lynch offers when you open a fully OnLine account is that you gain the ability to give your accounts full attention. These accounts include savings, checking, and retirement accounts. The better access that you have to your money, the easier management and understanding your finances becomes. Furthermore, you can ensure that your bank accounts are in line with your future financial goals so you are prepared for anything that can come up. This account is also open for students that are also looking for easy access and banking solutions for their money.

myFuture Newsletter

The third benefit of Merrill Lynch’s OnLine service is that you always have access to a myFuture Newsletter. This newsletter is issued by the bank for OnLine users and it includes relevant financial news and information that can affect you. For example, one of the most popular articles of the newsletter explains how you can take steps today to prepare for tomorrows health care costs. In addition to regular news, you’ll also find financial news, investing information, an education center for all your financial questions, and even a technology section. With this newsletter, you can keep up with news that is relevant to your finances so that your future is better and brighter.

Secure Access via

Finally and perhaps most importantly, everything that you access online when you log into your account is done through a secure connection. Everything that is provided is personal and confidential so you do not need to be concerned that your data is seen by others. Security is one consideration that you cannot skimp on, and fortunately OnLine has a good form of security to keep your finances secure and safe when you view them.


Overall, Merill Lynch OnLine is an easy way to go completely paperless but to still view all of your financial information at the click of a button. With this online method, you can still make all of the necessary financial decisions, view all of your accounts, access a newsletter, and feel confident that everything is done safely and without the hassle of paperwork.

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