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There are a ton of department store credit cards available to consumers today, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here’s the run-down on the Belk Rewards Credit Card, so you can be an educated applicant. Card Basics

The Belk Rewards Card is similar to many department store cards in that it offers rewards points every time you make a purchase. When you accrue enough points, you can redeem them for a discount certificate. Belk offers one point for every dollar you spend in the store or online. Every 400 points is worth a $10 certificate.

You can manage your rewards points online, as well as perform other functions on your account:

  • view your account balance
  • access your statement
  • see your recent activity
  • pay your bill

Having online account management is pretty routine these days, but it’s always great to reduce the need for traditional mail and the delays that can go with it. Belk also emails customers when a new statement is ready for viewing, which is nice if you tend to forget when your bill is due.

Belk stores can be found throughout the southern and southeastern states, and shopping is also available online and via their catalogs.

Advantages to the Belk Rewards Card

Your first purchase when you open an account receives 15% off, which is great if you can time it with a big shopping trip, like for back to school or a vacation. There is no annual fee with the card, unlike some store cards, and there is zero fraud liability too.

Card holders get 35 special shopping days per year with extra savings just for them. Belk also holds Special Extra Points Events where you can beef up your rewards points. All card holders get receipt-free returns, which is always a handy feature.

While good to excellent credit is recommended to qualify for the Belk Rewards Credit Card, many customers have been able to obtain the card with average credit. Those with less than stellar credit tend to start off with lower credit limits, but Belk is known for entertaining reasonable credit limit increase requests and even offers automatic increases to some customers. It may be worth applying for if you want to build your credit score. You can do so at

Disadvantages to the Belk Rewards Card

Probably the biggest downfall of this card for most consumers is its high APR: a whopping 24.49% interest rate. There is no introductory rate for the card, and balance transfers are not allowed.

Card holders are offered a 23-day grace period to pay their bills, but Belk does charge a $35 late fee.

The Belk Rewards Credit Card is backed by Synchrony Bank, formerly GE Capital Retail Bank (GECRB), which outsources much of its customer service. If you have problems with your bill, it may be challenging to find someone who can help you beyond scripted answers over the telephone.

Additional Related Cards

Belk offers two other related cards, which may be of interest to you if you are a dedicated Belk shopper. The Belk Premier Card is available if you spend $600 in any calendar year and offers a Flex Pay Plan, free deluxe gift wrapping and no-charge alterations.

The Belk Elite Card is for those who spend $1500 or more during the year and offers the following perks

  • triple points events
  • rewards points that never expire
  • a “Pick Your Own Sale Day” with 15% off once per quarter
  • a 20% off birthday coupon
  • free standard shipping in stores and on

All in all, you need to look at how you would use this card to see if it’s a good choice for you. If you are a regular Belk shopper, make large purchases and pay your bill in full and on time every month, it could be a great deal with its 2.5% rebate. Used responsibly, it could also give your credit rating a boost. However, if you tend to let your balance carry over or forget to make your monthly payments, your balance may become overwhelmingly high very quickly. In that case, a bank card with a lower interest rate would be your best bet.

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