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The Ace Elite Visa prepaid debit card is an attractive card that offers consumers the opportunity to store their cash. The card comes in a delightful black or pink design with a Visa logo. Cardholders can use their cards at a wide variety of online and offline shopping locations around the world. A person who wishes to obtain one of these convenient prepaid cards does not have to have excellent credit ratings. The cardholder has total control over the amount of funds that remain on the card. Ace Cash Express is the company that offers the Ace Elite Visa prepaid debit card.

About Ace Cash Express (

Ace Cash Express is a company that offers the community an array of credit products. The company has been in business since 1968, and it currently services more than 38 million customers. Consumers can contact Ace for loan products such as payday loans, title loans and installment loans. Ace also has connections for reliable automobile insurance products. Additionally, Ace Cash Express is the number one location for check cashing services, prepaid debit cards, bill payments, money orders, money transfers and tax services. Ace Cash Express is the community’s one-stop shop for all of its personal finance needs.

Requirements for an Ace Elite Prepaid Card

To apply for an Ace Elite Visa prepaid debit card at, a consumer needs to have access to a computer. He or she should use a desktop or laptop unit so that navigation will be easy. Next, the person must be a resident of the United States to qualify for the card. The application for the card is brief and easy. A person who requests a card today can be done with the process within 30 seconds. A card will come in the mail within a matter of days for a new applicant.

How to Get an Ace Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card

The first step in acquiring an Ace Elite Prepaid Card is visiting the site. The main website for the card application is The individual will see pictures of debit cards to the right of the page. A link that says “Get Card Now” will be directly underneath the pictures. The applicant will click on that link to navigate to the next page.

The next page is the page where the person will request his or her card. The individual will have to submit information about his or her name, address, phone number and email address. The next step is choosing a card. The Visa card comes in gray and black, pink and blue. After the person chooses his or her color of choice, the next step is reading the cardholder agreement. This step is extremely important for the customer, as he or she will want to understand thoroughly how the card works. After reading the terms and agreements, the consumer can check the box to the left to confirm.

Next, the customer can check the box that permits Ace to send him or her targeted emails or texts. The messages may contain important information about upcoming products and promotions. Checking the box is not required to obtain an Ace Elite prepaid card. A consumer who does not want to receive such alerts can simply ignore the box and move on to the final step. The final step is clicking the “Get Card” link. A new card should be on its way within five to seven business days.

Features of the Ace Elite Card

The Ace Elite prepaid card has a wealth of features that can benefit any cardholder. Cardholders will have access to account management and a wealth of amazing additional options. Cardholders who fund their cards through direct deposit are eligible for additional benefits such as free cash withdrawals. All consumers can trust the Ace card because it never yields any hidden fees, minimum balances or lengthy direct deposit holds. It is the perfect card for consumers who have bad credit and persons who have been denied a checking account.

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