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First Premier Bank is a financial company that was founded in 1932. The company’s headquarters is located in South Dakota, and it is among the top 10 issuers of MasterCard and Visa products. First Premier Bank is most widely known for its credit card services. The company has an established reputation for providing credit cards to people who have poor credit or average credit. Approximately 3.5 million customers have First Premier Bank credit cards. The application process is extremely quick and easy for a First Premier Bank card. The company sometimes sends offers to consumers that contain confirmation numbers. Consumers can use those confirmation numbers to apply via the website.

How Works

Applying from the website is easier than counting to three is. First, the visitor must type in his or her confirmation number from the invitation letter. The person will then click the “Apply Now” button to progress to the application. The application will ask basic questions about the person’s residence, contact information, employment information and the like. The individual will have to provide a social security number, as well. The application will generate an approval or denial within 60 seconds. Consumers who do not have formal invites can still apply by visiting

About First Premier Bank Cards

First Premier Bank cards are designed to give people with poor credit a chance at owning a credit card. Consumers who have lived through bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossessions can receive a First Premier card rather quickly. The company will report each timely payment to three major credit bureaus every month. Timely payments to a credit card provider can help a person to recover from severely damaged credit. Sometimes, First Premier Bank is the only provider who will accept a person with poor credit. The privilege does not come without additional costs, however.

Fees and Terms

Consumers who obtain First Premier Bank credit cards will have steep fees and strict terms. The annual percentage rate for the card is a whopping 36 percent, which is almost double the APR of the average credit card. A new cardholder will also have to submit a processing fee, which is approximately $95. The processing fee is a one-time attachment that the company adds to the accounts of its new cardholders. The cardholders must pay the one-time processing fee before they can receive the Visa or MasterCard.

The First Premier Bank card yields a $75 annual fee for the first year. The fee decreases to $45 after the first year, but it is still quite hefty. Additionally, the First Premier credit card has a monthly maintenance fee. The company does not charge the fee to a new cardholder for the first year. After the first year, the person will have to pay $6.25 per month as long as he or she owns a card. The monthly maintenance fee adds up to $75 a year.

The card charges normal fees for late payments and returned payments. The cardholder must pay a $35 charge for either of those issues. Cash advance fees are 5 percent of the transaction, and foreign currency fees are 3 percent.

The factor that determines whether the First Premier Bank card is worth it to a customer is the initial credit line. A new cardholder could spend more than half of a $300 credit line just getting the card in his or her hands. However, a more generous credit line may be worth it for a consumer.

First Premier Bank Ratings and Comments

The First Premier Bank company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which means the company is reputable. Consumers have mixed opinions about FPB. Some consumers appreciate that the bank gives them a chance to perfect their credit scores, while others complain about the high interest rates and fees. The information is available so that each consumer can make an informed decision.

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