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Wells Fargo Debit Card Review: A Look At the Benefits

wff_platinum_visavDebit cards are convenient payment products that just about every consumer needs. Carrying a debit card allows you to avoid carrying loose cash and cluttering your wallet. Additionally, a debit card can give you the freedom you need to pay bills online. Wells Fargo Bank offers a wide range of debit cards, and each card type has its special benefits. Wells Fargo is a financial corporation that has been providing financial products to the world since 1852.

Qualifying for a Wells Fargo Debit Card
The Wells Fargo Debit Card links to the consumer’s bank account. Therefore, the consumer must have a Wells Fargo bank account before he or she applies for a debit card. Wells Fargo offers several options for checking accounts, and they all have low minimum deposit requirements. When you open a checking account, you will be offered a debit card that gives you access to the funds in your bank account. The debit card is convenient, and saves you time traveling to the bank to withdraw funds.

Benefits of a Wells Fargo Debit Card
The main benefit of a Wells Fargo Debit Card is that the consumer can make all his or her purchases online. Additionally, the person will have access to more than 12,000 Wells Fargo ATM machines. Therefore, the cardholder’s money is always accessible to him or her, even after banking hours. Furthermore, Wells Fargo Debit Card holders can use their smartphones to make payments to various retailers. If those were not enough beneficial features, the Wells Fargo Debit Card also offers free online account management so consumers can monitor their transactions and activities.

The Platinum Debit Card
The Platinum Debit Card is available to any Wells Fargo customers who have Everyday Checking, Preferred Checking or the PNA Package. Cardholders can use the Platinum card with an extensive list of retail providers. The card comes with protection features such as $0 liability and unusual activity alerts, as well. Cardholders will always know whether an unauthorized person is using their cards.

The Instant Debit Card
An Instant Debit Card is a card that is valid for only 30 days. The Instant Debit Card is perfect for consumers who have lost their card or opened new accounts. The Instant Debit Card will provide the cardholder with access to the funds in his or her bank account until a permanent card arrives.

The Campus Card
The Wells Fargo Campus Debit Card is a convenient option that provides a college student with a student ID and a debit card in one plastic product. Students can conveniently purchase products or gain access to student services with their cards.

The ATM Card
An ATM Card is a simple card that provides the cardholder with access to the 12,000 Wells Fargo affiliated ATM machines. The card works with a personal identification number that the cardholder will have to enter to obtain monies at a machine.

The Gift Card
Wells Fargo Gift Cards are prepaid cards that customers can purchase and give to their family members and friends for the holidays. The customer determines the balance on the card by making a cash payment in the desired amount. The card receiver can use it to make a number of purchases in all the same places that accept the other Wells Fargo debit card types. The gift cards are not reloadable, and the cardholders cannot use them after they deplete the funds.

Additional Wells Fargo Debit Card Features
Consumers can use their Wells Fargo debit cards while they are traveling overseas. The International purchase fee is 3 percent, and the foreign ATM transaction fee is $5.

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