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Want to Own A Business? 10 Cheap Franchises To Consider

franchiseThere are a lot of different business opportunities for entrepreneurs, and if you’re interested in protecting your capital, investing in a low-cost franchise might be just the thing you need. Here are 10 franchises with total investment costs under $50,000 that you might want to consider.

Your Cannabis Biz:
Are you an adventurous entrepreneur? As medical and recreational marijuana becomes more and more popular across the country, now might be a good time to invest in this franchise. This is a cheap ($2,995 minimum) buy, and is run at home. Owners of these franchises are given a website, as well as various services needed to assist in keeping the website up and running. The websites list cannabis-related products, and owners receive 25-45% of net sales.

H & R Block:
Now, many people have heard about H&R Block. The company provides walk-in tax return preparation services, online tax prep services, as well as tax prep software. The minimum total cost of an investment in an H&R Block franchise is about $32,000. Though the total cost may somewhat high, when you consider the amount of attention H&R Block already gets, this might still be a franchise to consider.

Coffee News:
Everyone loves a cup of Joe, so why not invest in a franchise that provides reading material for coffee lovers? Coffee News is a publication that distributes their material monthly to various different hotels, and cafes. The investment costs on average $10,000, so it’s relatively inexpensive, and seems like a promising venture.

This very well known department store is another smart franchise to consider. With it’s highly recognizable name, and seemingly guaranteed stability, Sears seems to be a sure pick. With a minimum total investment cost of about $12,000, and with the company offering to finance 80% of the franchise territory fee, a Sears franchise investment is certainly financially reasonable.

Cruise Planners:
This franchise is very affordable at a $2,100 minimum total cost. This is an at-home franchise that provides, as the name suggests, cruise vacations as well as other travel planning services. The company is backed by American Express Travel Services, so it has an added element of reliability as the franchise is backed by a well known company. One major benefit of this franchise is that it requires only 1-2 employees to get started.

With over 3,300 franchises in the United States, RE/MAX has a presence that is unmistakable. However, it is on the higher-priced end of the list at roughly $38,000 minimum total investment cost. But, while the investment cost may be somewhat off-putting their ability to provide national advertising is one major reason the investment may be worth considering.

This franchise is another that can be run from home. The company provides mainly wood refinishing services that uses a unique technique that doesn’t require any sanding. This franchise has the benefit of being reasonably priced, with a minimum total investment amount being about $24,000. Also, it has the attraction of requiring only 1-2 employees to be run.

Jan-Pro Franchising:
This franchise has a whopping 10,000 different franchises in the U.S. They provide commercial cleaning services to various different businesses. The most appealing aspect of this franchise, in my opinion, is the total investment cost which can be as low as $3,200.

Jazzercise Inc.:
This franchise teaches jazz dance classes that incorporate exercise. This franchise is incredibly appealing with a fairly well known name, as well as a very reasonable initial investment of about $3,500. There are currently about 6,500 Jazzercise locations across the states, giving potential franchisers a solid foundation.

This company provides mid to large-sized businesses with promotional products, as well as printing and other related services. With a very reasonable initial investment of under $5,000, as well as the ability to be ran from home, this franchise is not only cheap, but also convenient.

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