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Walmart Gift Card: Online Ordering and Checking Balances

50-Walmart-Gift-CardAll major retailers offer their own gift cards, and Walmart is no exception. Currently, the company’s gift cards are available in store and online. They come with a number of consumer-friendly terms and conditions compared to gift cards from competitors. Gift cards are available in numerous denominations and designs, but each Walmart gift card works the same way, and ordering them online couldn’t be easier.

A Quick Overview of Walmart Gift Cards

Through, consumers can purchase e-gift cards and physical cards. They’re available for denominations starting at $5.00 minimum. Codes for e-gift cards are emailed to recipients; physical cards are mailed to recipients. Either way, both card types offer similar terms. They can be used in Walmart stores, at, and even in Sam’s Club locations. Users can purchase most goods and services at these locations with gift cards. However, certain financial products and services are excluded.

Purchasing Walmart’s Gift Cards Online

When a user visits, they can purchase electronic and physical gift cards directly from the company. Over 100 designs are available for countless occasions, milestones, and more. Fortunately, a gift card’s design doesn’t restrict what purchases can be made. Buyers can choose a floral pattern, a birthday design, or generic card options. New designs are made available periodically so the buyer can look for a design that suits the occasion.

Along with choosing the perfect design, buyers need to choose the denomination. Common denominations range from $5.00 to $500, although higher amounts are available. Purchasers can choose any dollar amount down to the cent. Plus, it’s possible to purchase multiple gift cards at once with relative ease. A buyer will then complete the transaction with whichever payment method they’ve chosen. Gift cards are mailed within five business days, and e-gift card codes are emailed within 48 hours.

It’s important to mention that secondhand gift card marketplaces often sell Walmart gift cards. Users of those sites can purchase these cards at a slight discount, so this option is worth looking into.

Checking The Balance on a Walmart Gift Card

Two options are available for checking the balance on these gift cards. A toll-free number is available for 24/7 balance checking. On the other hand, balances are available through at all times, too. An individual needs the gift card number and PIN in order to access this information. Balances are available in real time, so users will always know how much money they have. Also, gift cards can be reloaded online through a quick setup process.

Getting The Most Out of These Gift Cards

Walmart’s gift cards are quite versatile for consumers. For instance, they can be used online and at thousands of Walmart locations. Gift cards from Walmart are usable at Sam’s Club locations, too. All goods and non-financial services are payable with a gift card. Other retailers tend to place heavy restrictions on their own gift cards. In certain states, gift card buyers can even cash their card out for money rather than store credit.


  • Gift cards work at Sam’s Club and Walmart stores, plus
  • Easy balance checking and balance reloading
  • Can be used to purchase nearly all non-financial products/services


  • Not all owners can cash out balance for cash
  • Can’t be used for financial products/services
  • Incur a 10% service charge for use at Sam’s Club locations for non-members

Every retailer gives out store credit in the form of gift cards, but most companies place restrictions on their usage — so the terms aren’t that consumer-friendly and can lead to unnecessary headaches. By contrast, Walmart makes its gift card program simple and straightforward. Cards can be purchased through multiple sources and used online or in stores with ease. Therefore, the company’s gift cards are among the best gift card options in the retail world.

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