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Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Review: The Pros and Cons

angel-cardVictoria’s Secret dominates the lingerie market with its high-fashion runway show and catalog. This is a store that doesn’t use “models” to command the runway, but rather “angels” who are often sporting extravagant wings while touting the newest line of bras and underwear that every woman wants to have. With all of this popularity and hype in their marketing plan, the Victoria’s Secret “Angel” credit card is sure to look inviting with its many perks and special offers. Is it a good choice? Read on to find out more about the pros and cons for this popular credit card option.

To find out about the Angel Card, you first see a plethora of rewards that look inviting to anyone who might consider shopping there. Based on “what kind of angel you are” (i.e. how much money you spend on their products), cardholders have either an Angel Card, Angel VIP Card, or Angel Forever card. Each purchase nets the cardholder rewards for every dollar spent. Cardholders also get a number of other perks based on the tier of their card, including:

  • Birthday Gift
  • Increased points during anniversary month
  • Free beauty products
  • Early access to certain sales
  • Double Points on specific purchases

To help tempt the reluctant customer, as of this writing, Victoria’s Secret is currently offering a special promotion that all new cardholders get $15 off their next purchase when they sign up and are approved for an Angel Card. All of these perks are front and center on the Victoria’s Secret Website. It’s tempting enough to make even the most frugal shopper consider it. And for some customers, it may very well be an opportunity to take advantage of some terrific offers. Unlike some competitors, Victoria’s Secret will allow customers to stack up several different savings options and use them all at the same time. It wouldn’t be uncommon to get a postcard in the mail advertising a free gift, a discount per purchase offer, and some special rewards or freebies associated with the Angel Card.

Finding the “fine print” and the terms and conditions of this card is not so easy. You have to go past the page full of freebies and rewards and begin the actual application to finally get to the little “click here” line that takes you to the rest of the details. The APR on this card is 24.99%. That’s steep when other rewards cards routinely offer an APR that’s significantly lower. The late payment fee of $35 and the returned payment charge of $25 are similar to what you will find with many other credit cards.

The Angel card isn’t a credit card that you can use anywhere and earn rewards. It’s limited to “only” the Victoria’s Secret store (or online/catalog) purchases. Therefore, it’s a line of credit that can only be used in one specific place. Consumers will need to evaluate the impact this has on their overall credit and take that factor into consideration when deciding whether or not to apply for the card.

With a long list of rewards and no annual fee, but a high APR, who will see the most benefit from this card? Obviously if you’re someone who doesn’t shop at Victoria’s Secret often and won’t be raking in those reward points or if you don’t pay off your credit card balances each month, you may get better savings with a different credit card option. On the other hand, however, if you’re someone who shops at Victoria’s Secret on a regular basis while paying down credit card balances each month, you might be someone who nets a lot of fun “extras” from using this card. To learn more about this credit card and the rewards offered, visit the Victoria’s Secret website.

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