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Using a Home Depot Moving Coupon to Get the Best Deal

home-depot-coupon-2dsample1-resize150Purchasing a home combined with escalating moving costs can be a huge expense for any household. Added to those expenditures is most likely an additional price tag for some kind of home improvement so you can make that home a into a true dream home. No matter what type of home improvement you decide to tackle, saving money is always practical, considering stores such as Home Depot will often send a coupon known as a moving coupon to your new address. If you’re lucky, you may even get more than one, due to the number of adults in your household. Typically a moving coupon is for 10% off of your total purchase, so what are some ways you can put this coupon to the best use?

Combine with in-store and online discounts on high-dollar items
Especially if you’ve done your homework on large purchases (think bathroom or kitchen renovations), you probably know what type of products you’re looking for. You may find that bathroom vanity discounted from $400 to $250. Combine that with your 10% off coupon, and you’ve saved almost 50% off your preferred vanity. The moving coupon usually doesn’t have any restrictions and can be used on anything from flooring and installation to windows and appliances.

Combine with a gift card purchased from a buyback site
Gift card buyback sites are becoming more and more common. They work because gift card recipients may have received a gift card to a store that they don’t frequent. Instead of losing the benefit of the funds on the card, they sell it to a buyback site at a discount which the site turns around and sells at a discount to consumers wanting a card to that particular store. Cardpool, Gift Card Granny, Raise and CardHub are reliable sites for purchasing cards, and typically sell a Home Depot Giftcard for 6% off the card total. Couple that savings with your coupon for a 16% discount on your total purchase.

Purchase online through a cashback site
Cashback sites are another popular way to maximize your discount coupon, particularly if you’re shopping online. Choose a cashback site with the highest cashback given for Home Depot (anywhere from 2%-5%), and go through that site straight to Home Depot’s website. Any purchases made through the cashback site portal will be credited to your cashback site’s account, and you can redeem it when and how it’s convenient for you. Mainstream sites include ShopAtHome, Ebates, Extrabux and FatWallet. Also, remember that your own personal credit card that you use to finalize the purchase may offer cashback options, thereby increasing your savings.

Combine with store financing options
Depending on the extent of your remodeling projects, you may be looking at Home Depot store credit options. Usually signing up for a store credit card includes a come-on that includes 10% off purchase the day you sign up, which can be stacked with your 10% off coupon for a hefty 20% savings. Another financing option is a Home Depot project loan that can also be combined with your moving coupon.

Purchase large items at strategic times
Since the moving coupon usually has several months before expiration, you may have several months to purchase larger items. Did you know that Father’s Day offers the best selection and price on power tools, January is the best time to get a good deal on carpet, and October is the ideal time to purchase kitchen appliances because newer models are being released? Getting an extra 10% off already rock-bottom prices is sure to make you and your wallet happy.

Ultimately, you can probably stack several of these money saving tips for increased savings. Also, if you register your move with the U.S. Postal Service, you will likely receive a packet of moving coupons in the mail, so you can work out another fabulous plan to save money on your next home improvement project from Home Depot.

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  1. i just moved to new house and i need to do lots of shopping from home depot

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