US Bank Auto Loan Review: The Financing Options Offered

us-bank-logoA vehicle is a consumer’s livelihood. U.S. Bank understands that concept and offers three products that help consumers obtain the automobiles they need.

U.S. Bank, or U.S. Bancorp, is a financial corporation in Minneapolis. The company has been operating since 1850, and it offers an extensive line of financial products for consumers of all classes. You can find mortgages, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, prepaid cards, investment products and personal lines of credit. U.S. Bank’s auto finance sector offers several affordable auto loan options. Additionally, the site contains a wealth of tools that visitors can use to figure out their payment amounts.

U.S. Bank New Vehicle Loans
Some consumers prefer new vehicles because they do not have to worry about repair trouble. U.S. Bank makes it easy for a person to obtain a new vehicle loan. The company offers interest rates that are as low as 2.49 percent. The rates are the same for any vehicles that are less than six years old with less than 100,000 miles on them. The company can finance up to 115 percent of a new car with no down payment for qualified applicants. U.S. Bank offers special discounts to consumers who use their U.S. bank accounts to sign up for automatic payments, as well. Those customers will receive an extra .50 percent off their loans because of the Green Auto Loan program.

Interested persons have the option of applying by telephone or online form. Customers who receive approvals can complete the lending process at one of their local branches.
The U.S. Bank website does an excellent job at comparing the leasing option to the buying option. The company seeks to educate its customers so that they can make purchasing decisions that fit their current situations. Additionally, the company has a tool that consumers can use to see the current value of the vehicles they are thinking about purchasing.

U.S. Bank Used Vehicle Loans
U.S. Bank offers used vehicle loans to consumers who would rather have lower insurance rates. The bank offers the same low interest rates for used cars that are less than six years old that it offers for brand new vehicles. Used automobiles must have less than 100,000 miles on them to qualify for the amazingly low interest rates.

Consumers can obtain pre-approval online by completing short forms. They have access to vehicle history reports and vehicle value reports, as well. U.S. Bank makes sure that its customers are well informed about vehicle value and condition before they invest their time in applying for an automobile loan.

U.S. Bank Vehicle Refinancing
Vehicle refinancing is an excellent option for consumers who have high interest rates. Those customers may have established higher credit scores by paying for their original loans for more than one to two years. U.S. Bank offers refinancing so that consumers can have lower interest rates, and more money applies to their loan principals. Persons who apply for refinancing may be able to obtain U.S. Bank’s low interest rate of 2.49 percent. The option to receive a .50 percent deduction for automatic payments is available to refinance customers. Additionally, applicants can receive same-day decisions on the auto refinance.

Reasons to Use U.S. Bank
One good reason to speak with someone at U.S. Bank is the instant decision process. Applicants do not have to wait for days or weeks to find out if they qualify for a fantastic auto loan product. Additionally, applicants can receive financing deals that do not require a down payment. Furthermore, U.S. Bank offers some of the lowest interest rates in the industry. Consumers can relieve themselves of some of the burden that comes with automobile payments. Also, U.S. Bank is a trusted institution that has been around for over 100 years, and has received many positive testimonies and comments from other consumers.

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