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UnionPlusCard Review: A Look At What It Offers

credit-cardThe Union Plus MasterCard is a credit card option for workers who are part of a union. Capital One offers three versions of the MasterCard with a wide variety of convenient options. You can apply for the Union Plus MasterCard through a secure online application, but to qualify, you must reside in the United States and be 18 years of age or older.

Credit requirements for the Union Plus MasterCard are good to excellent. Therefore, the company requires an applicant to have a FICO score of more than 680 points to obtain an approval. A qualified applicant will receive an approval within 60 seconds, and the new card will arrive in the mail within five to seven business days. The Union Plus MasterCard is a rare credit card with special privileges and benefits.

Hardship Grants
One element that makes the Union Plus MasterCard unique among other credit cards is the hardship grants. Grants are free offerings that do not require repayment from the consumer at any time. Persons who maintain their cards for three consecutive months may qualify for several grants from the card company. A person who loses his or her job can apply for a job loss grant of up to $300. Workers who are forced to strike from their positions can receive up to $300. Persons who become disabled can request grants of up to $2,700, and people who accumulate large hospital bills can ask for $1,200 in assistance.

The Cash Rewards MasterCard
The cash rewards card is an excellent option for consumers who like to earn extra money as they use their credit cards. Cardholders can earn an unlimited amount of cash back on any purchases they make with their cards. The cash back rate is 1.5 percent. The cash rewards card offers an introductory APR of 0 percent, as well. New cardholders can enjoy that rate for the first 12 months. The cash rewards MasterCard has no annual fee, and applicants can obtain credit lines between $500 and $15,000.

The Rate Advantage MasterCard
The rate advantage card offers an option to consumers who would like to transfer other balances to their Union Plus MasterCard. The benefit that this card offers is a low APR of 10.9 to 18.9 percent. The Rate Advantage MasterCard offers an initial annual percentage rate of 0 percent for 15 months. Smart consumers can use the card to consolidate their debts and pay them down. The card has no annual fee, and the credit limit is between $500 and $10,000.

The Credit Access MasterCard
The credit access card is for consumers who are not eligible for the other products because their credit scores are below excellent, but still good. The card has a $35 annual fee and an initial credit line of $300 to $2,500. It offers a 0 percent introductory APR for the first nine months. After the introductory period ends, the consumer will have an APR 19.8 percent variable APR.

Special Privileges
Cardholders can enjoy a wealth of discounts and savings from their Union Plus MasterCards. Cell phone consumers can receive $100 off on an upgrade to their AT&T cell phones. Cardholders who would like to switch to AT&T from other providers can receive a $150 credit toward their switch. Additionally, Union Plus cardholders can receive a regular 15 percent discount on their AT&T monthly plans.

Union Plus cardholders can enjoy discounts at a wide variety of fitness institutions. More than 10,000 gyms participate in the special program. Additionally, cardholders can receive discounts on NutriSystem products and services.

The Union Plus MasterCard has fair ratings from consumers for its support of unions and its myriad of benefits. Consumers appreciate the debt counseling services that come with the card, as well. Overall, the Union Plus MasterCard can be a beneficial tool for a person who has established credit.

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