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TD Bank Visa Gift Card Review

TDBank-gift-cardTD Bank is a trusted financial institution that has been in the industry since 1852. The company provides a wide variety of financial accounts such as checking, savings, CD accounts and more. TD Bank also offers a line of credit cards, debit cards and gift cards. Gift cards are beneficial to people who want to supply their friends and family members with money for the holidays. Consumers can use gift cards to teach their children responsibility, as well. TD Bank offers a Visa gift card, meaning that it carries the Visa logo.

What Is a Gift Card?
A gift card is a plastic card that looks like a credit card. A person who owns a gift card can use it in many of the same places that he or she can use a credit card. For example, a shopper can visit physical store locations and online websites with a gift card. The person can rent cars and book hotels with a card if enough money is in the account. The only restrictions that are on gift cards is that the consumer cannot use them for Internet gambling or illegal activities. Otherwise, the users can use the card as he or she desires.

How Does the TD Bank Gift Card Work?
Purchasing a TD Bank Visa Gift Card is easy. The consumer can walk into a TD Bank branch and request a card. The person can call customer service to order a card, as well. TD Bank does not charge a fee for the purchase of a gift card. Furthermore, the bank does not charge for gift card transactions.

The purchaser can buy a card with a value of $25 to $750. The person can use the money that is in his or her TD Bank account. Cash is an alternative option if the person visits a bank branch. The spending limit on the card will be equal to the amount of funds that the purchaser places on the card. When the user depletes the funds on the TD Bank Gift Card, the person will have to purchase another card and put a new balance on it. Unfortunately, the TD Bank Gift Card is not reloadable.

Card Registration
Registering one’s gift card is important for several reasons. Consumers who register their gift cards will be able to use their cards at any location that accepts Visa cards. Registration is a quick process that a consumer can perform in less than three minutes. A TD Bank customer can do so by logging into his or her personal account.

Fees and Usage
A TD Bank Visa Gift cardholder has two options for making purchases. The person can use the card as a credit card by selecting “credit” at the point of sale. Alternatively, the person can process a pin purchase and use the card as a debit card. The card comes with a predetermined pin, but the user can change it at any time using online services. The consumer may not use the card for ATM transactions.

TD Bank will assess a monthly fee to any card that has not been used for 12 months. The monthly fee is $2.50. Otherwise, the company does not attach fees to the card.

Lost Card, Stolen Card and Disputes
TD Bank has a resolution number for transaction disputes. Anyone who did not authorize a charge can call 1-888-294-2249. The customer can use the same number to report a lost or stolen card. Replacement of lost cards will require the card owner to pay a nominal fee. Express delivery is an additional expense.

TD Bank customers can quickly purchase a Visa Gift Card by calling customer service at 888-751-9000. The quickest way to pick up a card is to visit a nearby branch and ask for assistance. The gift card is a perfect solution for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

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