Stock Prices: 5 Great Sites for Stock Quotes

Stock NewsAlmost nobody looks at the morning newspaper to get the latest stock quote nowadays. The internet is the easiest way to get news, and financial websites are more useful anyway because they offer real time information.

You have many websites to choose from when getting the latest stock quotes — here are five of the best:

Market Watch
Market Watch offers the latest stock quotes and many more. The updating of stock quotes is instantaneous. You can keep it open in the background and check the latest quotes throughout the day. On this website you’ll find in-depth analysis and the latest news. The writers are knowledgeable and offer very useful information. The website has the option for testing several long term strategies simultaneously and additional helpful features help educate you about investments. In addition, you can get the financial news, and Market Watch has an excellent app as well. Overall, this is one of the most resourceful finance websites available.

Yahoo Finance
This is considered to be one of the major finance websites on the Internet. Everything on the website is completely free, and the services it has are better than many which you need to pay for. Yahoo Finance offers some of the best data about the latest stock quotes with extremely accurate information. However, it has one minor disadvantage: Stock quotes are delayed during market hours. Generally, there is a 15-20 minute delay. However, the website features streaming quotes, therefore you can see the newest information without refreshing the page. There is an option for getting pre-market or after-hours quotes as well. On Yahoo Finance, users can also find useful news and statistics related to the specific stock quote just below them. In addition, users can save and follow stocks and they have access to news and other useful information in the world of finance.

Google Finance
Basically, there is no big difference between Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. Some prefer the first, while others prefer the other. Google Finance, just as Yahoo Finance, offers quote related news and streaming quotes. All features on Google Finance are free, and its clean design attracts many users. The stock quotes are presented to the user in real time, and there is an excellent Google Finance Android app available at the Play Store. Google Finance offers additional features which can be helpful, like charts and a stock screener for locating potential buys and sells.

Daily Finance
Daily Finance is one of the best places to get the latest news from the financial world. It offers real time stock quotes, but its users get something that other websites don’t offer – consistent, accurate extended hours quotes. Google Finance and Yahoo Finance sometimes fail to post the extended hours quotes, but the guys from Daily Finance always remember to update this feature. On this finance website you can also read new interesting articles every day, and you can’t miss the latest news about the state of the market.

Bar Chart
This is the best finance website you haven’t checked out yet. It is very easy to use, despite its many features. The most surprising thing about Bar Chart is that they have information and data which you won’t find anywhere else. It is the perfect website to use when you’re looking for something specific. Many services on the website are free. Bar Chart offers real time stock quotes and you can get an upgrade to get the most out of the website.

These five great sites for stock quotes are some of the best you can use for getting the latest stock information, as well as other real time news you need. Find the one that works best for you or use a few of them simultaneously. All you need to do is start (or keep) investing.

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