State Farm Insurance Review: The Products They Offer

state-farm-logoState Farm offers a comprehensive package of insurance that runs about any need a personal or business customer has. The insurance giant offers services in every sector of the insurance industry, including emerging ones like identity theft.

Small Business Insurance:

State Farm offers comprehensive plans for insuring small business owners, from liability coverage to business continuation and employee health plans. One specialty that the insurer covers yet somehow fails to promote to small business owners is their Identity Protection plans. With up to $25,000 in reimbursement for proven fraudulent activity, entrepreneurs can find this useful for both personal and business lives.

Small business owners also have the option of purchasing Small Business Auto insurance coverage, which covers a business owner for a fleet of company owned cars or for accident occurred when employees are using their private vehicles.

Home and Property:

State Farm claims to have the largest reimbursement network for renters and homeowners, and their products cover anything from farm land to manufactured homes and hi-rise condos. Renters should be aware, however, that if they want to run a business out of a rented property, they’ll need to tack on liability coverage to cover slips and fall claims.

Homeowner coverage offers options for insuring a myriad of personal possessions, including furs, firearms, collectables, computer equipment and jewelry.


State farm offers the typical bundle of auto insurance that conforms to the minimum required in and of the 50 states. Customers can purchase liability and collision protection as well as comprehensive coverage to protect them in the event of damage from a natural disaster.

Recognizing the fact that many drivers are uninsured or “underinsured,” State Farm offers its policy holders the option of adding protection in the event that the other driver’s insurance simply doesn’t add up. This can be a costly add-on for policy holders, but if they can manage to afford it, this gives them the piece of mind when an accident with in irresponsible driver occurs.

Policy holders can choose some other option add-ons, including medical coverage in the case of an accident and emergency road assistance through jump off service and locksmith services. Drivers who choose to leave off the assistance program can get a rate negotiated through State Farm in the case of a breakdown or lock out.

For car owners who couldn’t bear to part with their vehicles during the Cash for Clunkers program, State Farm offers Antique and Classic coverage. This “boutique” auto insurance offers the same coverage for newer models, but makes allowances for an older car.

Personal Insurance Options

State Farm has a large selection of health and life insurance policies, offering policy holders plenty of options in disability and long-term care coverage. Policy holders can apply for life insurance online, but life insurance can be one of the policy types that are best discussed in person with a knowledgeable agent. State Farm offers three types of life insurance: Term Life, Whole Life and Universal Life, and State Farm is more than happy to combine a life insurance policy with other types of insurance the provider happens to offer.

The provider’s health insurance products offer the same variety, offering policies in:

  • Individual Health Coverage
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Part D Coverage
  • Supplemental Insurance

With regular health coverage, the insurer offers disability and long-term coverage options. A customer looking for help in deciding on long-term care will have to speak directly with an agent because the company’s website is unusually bereft of information on long-term options.

State Farm has widened its coverage to include every aspect of the insurance industry, from health policies to comprehensive small business packages. It’s easy to walk into a State Farm agent’s office and purchase insurance for every aspect of life in one stop. If the rates are reasonable, bundling typical insurance policies with specialized boutique add-ons is available.

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