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How to Redeem Citi Card Special Offers

Credit card companies are famous for sweetening the proverbial pot in order to get more people interested in their services. Some of these offers have historically included airline miles, cash-back rebates on purchases, gas and travel rewards, and even credit-line boosts and interest/late-payment forgiveness for loyalty. These enticing rewards draw many people to credit institutions like Citigroup, but if you are a Citi cardholder, how do you go about redeeming these rewards?

Many individuals have a slew of points and rewards that have stacked up over the years, thanks to their loyal status and timely payments, but not every creditor is sending notices that rewards have been earned. Citigroup is a bit different in this regard; they actually send invitations to qualified cardholders. These 10-digit codes need to be used on specific Citi Card sites in order to retrieve them.

This method is very convenient for both parties involved. If you have a few minutes to spend, you can complete a few simplistic steps and redeem your rewards using your invitation code.

A Guide for Redeeming Special Offers

In order to redeem these rewards from Citi, you not only need to have a Citi Card, but you also have to receive your 10-digit code via invitation. If you have not received a code, then you are not eligible for these specific rewards; however, you may still be eligible for rewards depending on your card and contract. Check Citigroup’s main website for more information pertaining to rewards.

  • Step One: Use your favorite search engine to visit the Citi Card Special Offers site (
  • Step Two: Enter your 10-digit code into the box provided in the middle of the site’s page, clicking the “Submit” tab when finished.
  • Step Three: Take a few moments to review the different offers available to you. There may be quite a few to select from. After deciding which rewards you would like to redeem, complete the offers as defined and submit them as directed.
  • Step Four: Make sure you take the time to read about the terms and conditions not only for the special offers in general but also for your specific special offer. There may be terms for an offer that you do not approve of, so take the time to fully understand what it is you’re redeeming.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind at

  • Although Citigroup has a great track record of providing quality offers for their loyal members, it is important to understand that there is a difference between a rewards offer and an actual award. Some rewards may require new terms that you may personally find unrewarding.
  • There is no obligation at all to accept or redeem these rewards once you have been invited. Refusing to redeem the rewards will not affect your standing with Citigroup or your credit rating, nor will it prevent you from receiving rewards offers in the future.
  • Many different types of rewards offers sent to you by Citigroup via 10-digit invitation are going to be limited-time offers. So it is always best to at least visit the website and check out what Citi is offering, even if you are not planning on redeeming the rewards. It might be something that benefits you, and letting it expire would be a missed opportunity.

Important Citigroup Information for Cardholders

While the online-based rewards system from Citigroup is relatively new, the company has been in business for nearly 200 years. They are one of the oldest, most-trusted financial groups around, and they deal in credit cards, investing, analysis, and much more.

Taking advantage of Citi Card’s special offers may be very beneficial to you as a cardholder. There is no obligation to do so, but if you want to see what they’re offering, the simple tips above will help you streamline the process.

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