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Rush Card Prepaid Visa Review

RushCardThe Prepaid Visa RushCard offers a way to use a credit card even if you have bad credit and can’t qualify for a regular credit card. Anyone can get a RushCard as long as he or she has a valid ID. Any person that applies for a RushCard does not need to worry about a credit check.

Main benefits of the RushCard

The RushCard is very, very simple to use and the cost of applying is free. Government payments can be withdrawn up to two days early with your RushCard. This card can be used all over the globe and, if it is lost or stolen, your money is safe and secure.

RushCard Service Plans

The Prepaid Visa RushCard has two main service plans that one can choose from to suit his or her budget or lifestyle:

The Rush Unlimited plan is a monthly plan that allows the user to have certain usage benefits. The monthly fee on this plan is only $5.95 if you have your money directly deposited to the card, or $7.95 if you don’t have it come through direct deposit. This plan also charges no fee if a MoneyPass ATM is used, or $2.50 if an ATM that is not in the network is used. This plan also does not have a limit on the amount of signature or PIN transactions one can use.

The Pay As You Go plan offers no monthly charge for using your RushCard. Only $1.00 can be charged each month for each ATM transaction, not to exceed $10.00. A monthly fee of $1.95 will be charged for maintaining the account within the credit laws.

Available RushCard designs

The RushCard comes in several designs to fit the user’s personality. One design is the classic Midnight, which is literally midnight blue with gold letters on the face. Another design, perhaps for the more daring personality, could be the red “Gloss” design, or black “Carbon” design. Two other card designs in black, in the upright position, are the “Edge” or the “Suede KLS.” If you really want to feel the weight of using your money, you can get the “24k” gold RushCard. More daring credit users might choose the purple, pink and gold “Sequin KLS” card design.

History of the RushCard

The RushCard has a unique history compared to other prepaid credit cards. Ten years ago, a man named Russell Simmons developed the idea for this prepaid card because he felt that his family, friends and neighbors had been taken advantage of by the financial systems many of them were using. He wanted to offer the advantages of banking without the high fees and expenses of normal bank accounts, such as money order fees, high interest rates and unfairly high bank fees.

Some fees are even refunded each month, according to your plan, to help you earn money toward your financial goals. E-mail alerts will also notify the card user if he or she is about to go over the limit. Apps can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android to help you conveniently monitor your account.

The RushCard offers the freedom of having the use of a credit card when needed for shopping locally or online. The card is diverse enough to fit any type of lifestyle and help the user to better track spending and stick with a budget.


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