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QVC Credit Card Review: A Look At QCard

qvc-credit-cardQVC thrives on insomniacs and impulsive shoppers. So, if you fall into one of those two categories, you may also be susceptible to the temptation of QVC shopping and the Q Card.

Only available to those who have registered and have become members of, the card offers the convenience of quick and easy checkout through the website or at the television counterpart, but it doesn’t offer the ability to transfer your balances from your other credit card account.

The Q card is used exclusively on the website or on the QVC network, so if you plan on securing a card to use when you hit the mall or supermarket, you’re out of luck with the Q Card. Plus, you cannot use the Q Card for cash advances at your nearby ATM. In addition, there is no rewards program for your purchases like you might have with some of the other major credit cards.

Application Process

Applying for the Q Card takes only a few steps. First, you must be a registered member of and at least eighteen years of age. You must not have any serious credit issues or bankruptcies on your credit report, and cannot have applied for a Q Card within the past three months. One plus of this card is that the requirements aren’t as stringent as some of the other credit card accounts out there, so it can be a good tool for building or rebuilding credit. It is serviced by GE Money Bank of Connecticut.

The Q Card Versus Easy Pay

The Q Card is convenient in the since that you are able to defer payments, giving you the ability to purchase expensive items that are not eligible for their Easy Pay option of having the total cost of an item broken into two, three, or four monthly payments, without an initial credit check. With the Q Card, you can pay your balance all at once, or pay it over time, with interest.

Card Policies and Interest Rates

The standard APR rate for purchases using your Q Card is 22.80 percent. There is a 25 day grace period, but only if you have no previous balance. The late fees are $15, if your balance is under $25, and $25 for balances between $25 and $29.99, $29 for balances between $50 and $499.99, and $39 for any balance over $500. A good rule-of-thumb is to be sure to pay on time, to be kinder to your pocketbook. The Q Card imposes a $29 returned check fee on payments. However, the percentage fee for going above your set credit limit is relatively small when compared to other credit card.


While we have listed several of the advantages to applying and receiving a Q Card from QVC, there are also a number of complaints concerning the card and the policies of the card servicer, GE Money Bank. For example, at a recurring gripe is referring to the increase in credit limit on established accounts. The Q Card only infrequently offers increases, and when they do, it is for a very small amount.

According to the consumer forum at, the assessment of the Q Card is split between positive and negative comments. For example, a consumer may be charge a higher APR if their credit is less than desirable—up to 24.99 percent.

To sum things up, the Q Card is similar to most store credit cards. Convenience and ability to pay over time is always appealing. However, the high interest rate and the difficulty in obtaining a credit limit increase can be off-putting to some.

Ability to shop at QVC
Longer grace period
Small fee for exceeding your credit limit

High standard APR of 22.80% to 24.99
This credit card may be used only at QVC
No balance transfers or cash advances
Difficulty in getting credit limit increases

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