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PNC Points: PNC Bank Rewards Program

PNC-points-programWhether you are already a PNC Bank customer or thinking about switching over to PNC, their rewards program, PNC Points, is definitely worth your consideration.

PNC’s rewards program is based on the number of points that you earn. Points are earned when you make purchases with various PNC Visa credit cards. The rewards program is open to all individuals or businesses that have a PNC Visa card and is a free service

There are two ways of earning points: PNC points or PNC Purchase Payback program. If you already have a PNC Visa card, you are automatically enrolled for both PNC points and PNC Purchase Payback program. The PNC Purchase Payback program allows you to earn points even faster by using specific vendors.

Its surprising how quickly the points can add up and what will earn you points. That daily cup of coffee, a quick burger for lunch and your weekly trip to the super market as well as travel and hotels will all add to your points. Additionally, you can use your PNC Visa card to pay your bills: the electric bill, cable bill and even your auto insurance can all be paid with the PNC card. With the PNC Purchase Payback program, you can earn even more by going to specific retailers.

This all sounds good, right? Now you may be wondering how the points are accumulated. Points are earned several different ways.

If you are a personal banking customer, you will earn 4 points for every $1 spent using PNC Visa or PNC Flex Visa. A business customer will earn 5 points for every $1 spent when using PNC Visa Business credit card or PNC Visa Signature options card. If you shop at one of the PNC Purchase Payback retailers, your rewards are much higher. It is possible to earn up to 100 points for every $1 spent.

As an example, suppose you spent $50 at XYZ supermarket and they are participating in the PNC Purchase Payback program. You will earn 200 points from your PNC points program plus an additional 5,000 points from the PNC Purchase Payback program. That is 5,200 points just by buying groceries.

You will be able to keep track of your earned points simply by logging into your PNC Online Banking account or calling customer service at 1-855-762-7937. When you sign into your account, you will see how many points you have accumulated towards your rewards. You will also see the current PNC Purchase Payback program participants. Go to your Rewards Center and click on “See all offers” for a complete list of any new offers. Click on a new offer and it will be activated along with those that you have already activated.

Your PNC points can be redeemed for just about everything. Travel, hotels, merchandise, gift cards and even cash can be exchanged for your points. There are no maximum amount of points that can be redeemed in one transaction. You have a full 48 months before the points expire.

If you go on the PNC website at, there is a complete catalog of the items available. In addition to the catalog, there is the “points explorer” that will give you a good idea of how many points you can collect in one month. You are able to redeem your points starting with as little as 700 points and they can be redeemed as soon as they appear on your statement.

In addition to the “points explorer”, the PNC rewards programs have some other unique features that you may not see in other similar programs: The Auto Redemption program allows you to select an item from the Auto Redemption category. Once you choose an item, your points will be automatically redeemed when the proper number of points has been reached. And there is even a Wish List option that allows you to keep track of items that you would like to redeem in the future.

PNC’s Rewards Points program makes it very easy to rack up points quickly with everyday purchases, and to redeem them for things you’ll actually use. That makes it an attractive choice when you’re shopping for the best rewards credit card.

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