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Phillips 76 Gas Card Review: A Look At The Benefits

76red1Phillips 66 is an American energy company that is located in the state of Texas. Frank and L.E. Phillips founded the company in 1917 to give consumers flexible options for their fuel, gas and various motor vehicle products. Phillips 66 offers several credit cards. The Phillips 66 Conoco 76 Platinum MasterCard is one of the several cards that the company offers to its loyal consumers. The card has a robust rewards program for people who like to earn cash back on their fuel purchases. The card is considered a rewards card, which means that it gives back to the people who use it.

Qualifying for the Phillips 76 Gas Card
The Phillips 76 Gas Card has lenient approval requirements. One requirement that is not lenient is the age requirement. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for the credit card. Applicants should be United States residents, as well. Furthermore, the lender will review an applicant’s credit score before it makes a determination. A consumer who has a fair credit score with a least 600 points will most likely qualify for the card. The consumer’s chances increase with the value of the credit score.

Synchrony bank is the company that issues the Philips 76 Gas Card. Synchrony bank is a subsidiary of GE Money bank, and it leans toward giving debtors with fair credit a second chance. The Phillips 76 Gas Card is perfect for travelers who need to rebuild or reestablish their credit scores. Cardholders can use the Phelps 76 Gas Card for amazing discounts on fuel expenses. New applicants should be sure to read the terms and agreements to gain a full understanding of the rewards system before they apply. Gas cards can be quite convenient for people who work far from home.

Benefits of the Phillips 76 Card
The Phillips 76 Card comes with a wealth of benefits. One of the main benefits of the card is the discount on gasoline. A new cardholder can enjoy a discount of 10 cents per gallon during the first 90 days of ownership. The savings decrease to five cents per gallon after the initial 90 days. A cardholder must purchase at least 45 gallons per month to receive a discount, but 45 gallons is not difficult for a daily worker to accumulate in a month. A vacationer would have an easy time hitting the monthly target, as well. Cardholders can earn the aforementioned savings on up to 110 gallons of fuel per month.

Optional Security Coverage
Another feature that is unique about the Phillips card is the optional security feature. The company understands that sometimes consumers fall upon hard times. It offers extra protection for customers that may go through certain trials and tribulations. Therefore, it offers protection in situations such as involuntary unemployment, leave of absence, disability, hospitalization, terminal illness, nursing home care and loss of life. Cardholders have to be enrolled in the card security program for at least 30 days before the company will cover them. A person who meets the criteria could have his or her balance canceled after 90 days of unemployment, disability, etc. The optional security feature gives the cardholder up to $10,000 of protection. Full-time employees receive full protection benefits. Self-employed and part-time individuals receive protection of up to six months’ worth of payments.

Fees, Penalties and Annual Percentage Rates
The Phillips 76 card has no annual fee, but it does have a penalty fee of $35 for late payments. Cash advance transaction fees are either 5 percent of the transaction or $10. The annual percentage rate is the same for regular purchases as it is for balance transfer. Cardholders will have an annual percentage rate of 26.99 percent.

Consumer Reviews for the Phillips 76 Card
Consumer reviews are positive for the most part. Consumers love the online account management, the pay-at-the-pump option and the convenient security features hat the card has to offer.

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