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Personal Journey: Exploring the Capital One Journey Card

Capital-One-Journey-Student-Rewards-Credit-CardThe Capital One Journey card was created as an entry-level credit card option for students with limited finances and credit history. Below introduces the eligibility requirements, rewards and benefits of the Capital One Journey card.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?
The Capital One Journey card is designed for students with limited or no credit history, so it is easy to qualify for compared to regular credit cards. The card applicant must be 18 years old, have a legitimate Social Security number and meet the minimum annual income requirements. That is, if the student pays rent, their annual income must be greater than their collective rent payments. Finally, as with all credit cards, the student must pass Capital One’s comprehensive credit check. In the end, the Capital One Journey card for students is an excellent choice because of the limited credit history and eligibility requirements.

What are the Rewards?
The Capital One Journey card offers excellent rewards. For example, cardholders earn one percent cash back on all purchases, plus an extra 25 percent bonus on the cash back earned when the monthly bill is paid on time. As a result, students can earn a total of 1.25 percent cash back with no earning limitations or expiration dates. For example, students who spend at least 400 dollars every month will earn 60 dollars cash back every year. Then again, students who spend a 1,000 dollars every month will earn up to 150 dollars per year. The Capital One Journey offers a sliding bar that calculates the earning potentials here. Redeeming points is very easy through the Capital One’s website. Unlike most credit cards, there is no minimum amount needed to redeem points for cash, a gift card or balance credit. Students should be aware that the APR for cash advances and purchase and balance transfers is set at 19.8 percent, which is a moderately high interested rate for entry-level credit cards.

What are the Perks and Benefits?
The Capital One Journey card for students has plenty of excellent perks and rewards. For example, Capital One provides easy access to online banking features around the clock. This includes mobile and tablet apps, twenty-four-hour customer service support and personalized account text or email alerts. There are also top-notch security features, such as zero fraud liability, real-time fraud alerts and twenty-four-hour account monitoring. There are also exclusive benefits that are only available through Capital One. For example, the Capital One Wallet is a practical mobile payment app that empowers users to check notifications, available credit limits and account and reward point balances. The unique Apple Pay app means that users can make purchases through their Apple device with a single touch or swipe. The Apple Pay app also enables users to customize their monthly payment method and due date for free.

Extra Benefits
The Capital One Credit Tracker provides users with useful credit related tools, such as a credit score forecaster and unlimited access to their credit score through the TransUnion website, which is one of the three main credit bureaus. On the other hand, the Capital One Second Look is a unique feature that monitors the user’s account for unfamiliar or duplicate account charges. Transactions are enhanced through digital details that help the user monitor and manage their account. The Capital One Journey card offers unique travel advantages. For example, there are no foreign transaction fees for purchases made outside the U.S. Complimentary travel accident insurance means that cardholders are automatically covered when they use their credit card to purchase travel tickets. Related to this, cardholders who rent a car with their Capital One Journey card will receive auto rental insurance that will cover damages from theft or collision.

The Capital One Journey card is a great way for students to build up their credit history. However, the high APR means that students must be responsible in order to avoid accumulating debt during college. Therefore, mature students will benefit from the Capital One Journey card.

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