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Payroll Tax Calculator: 5 Great Resources

payroll-calculator-freeCalculating employees’ pay and tax is simple with a payroll tax calculator. Since the introduction of software app payroll calculators for mobile devices, the task has become even easier. With payroll tax calculator apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS smartphone or other mobile devices, there are no more missed payroll periods. Calculating employee pay can be done on the go. The following five payroll tax calculators are some of the best available, and some of the more basic versions are even free:

5 of the Best Payroll Tax Calculator Software Solutions

1. Intuit Online Payroll
The Intuit online payroll calculator is just one of a number of software solutions offered as part of a set monthly rate. Business subscribers to the online payroll service are able to enter employee salaries, hours worked and calculate net pay and taxes. The Intuit Online Payroll calculator also comes with a paper check print feature and direct deposit processing to employee bank accounts. The recent introduction of Intuit’s mobile app payroll calculator, the Snap Payroll paycheck calculator is compatible with tax calculation in 50 U.S. states. Intuit’s payroll calculator apps developed for iOS, can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

2. Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
The global giant in payroll processing, Automatic Data Processing (ADP) offers the most in free online payroll calculator tools. ADP calculators compute both payroll and retirement savings figures. Payroll features include salary paycheck, hourly paycheck, and gross pay calculator tools, as well as a W-4 Assistant, 401(k) Planner and 403(b) Planner to calculate employee stock options.

3. Paycheck Manager
The Paycheck Manager payroll calculator comes in both standard and upgraded versions. The upgrade to premium paid payroll accounting services offers advanced features in addition to the pay check manager feature found in the standard free calculator. Companies can access the PayCheck Manager online calculator without subscriber registration. Payroll and tax data input into the Paycheck Manager online calculator is deleted automatically post use. Upgrade to the premium paycheck manager payroll processing service cost from $29.95 per month for 1 to 3 employees, and a $299.95 flat per month fee for an unlimited number of employees.

Paycheck Manager offers clients and site visitors a total of 6 payroll calculators: 1) salary payroll calculator, 2) hourly payroll calculator, 3) gross pay calculator, 4) bonus calculator percentage, 5) bonus calculator aggregate, and 6) a W-4 assistant. The Paycheck Manager hourly payroll calculator determines the sum of net pay post calculation of Medicare, Social Security and withholding taxes. The company’s salary payroll calculator determines gross salary, and net pay based on withholding tax, deductions, as well as the frequency of payroll distribution.

4. Patriot Pay
The Patriot Pay software solution to calculating payroll compensation was designed to meet human resource management systems requirements for support of small and medium-sized enterprise businesses clients. Subscribers to Patriot Pay have online portal access to a software package of custom accounting applications, including the Patriot Pay calculator app. Cross-portability in app design supports most operating systems, including the Patriot Pay calculator app for iOS iPhone and iPad devices, as well as Android smartphone and device OS.

5. Sage HRMS Payroll
The niche market company that offers its business payroll processing clients total integration with Peachtree Accounting software, Sage HRMS Payroll has an easy to use system designed for user interface with the company’s services via custom software applications. Subscribers to the Sage HRMS Payroll system can use the online calculator app to compute payroll and tax record on behalf of employees. The ultimate solution to small size business accounting operations using Peachtree Accounting software, Sage HRMS Payroll developers have taken their solution a step further to meet the individual needs of their payroll processing clients.

The most reliable online tax calculators and apps are available from reputable tax service companies. Payroll accountants can now access the most accurate and convenient calculator solutions for preparation of employee pay and tax for payroll processing with these five excellent online payroll tax calculator software solutions.

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