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Online Banking With Capital One: What They Offer

capital-oneFinding a bank that satisfies each and every need is easier said than done. Since financial institutions offer different and comparable rates, you may feel, as a client, that it doesn’t matter where you put your money. The best banks are those that offer innovative features and also a broad range of financial products: from the normal features, such as certificates of deposit (CDs) to online banking.

Capital One Bank is a US-based bank that was founded in 1988, and services both individual clients and business entities. It’s well-known for its “What’s in Your Wallet” campaign, and is also one of the largest banks in the United States.

It offers a broad range of financial services to accommodate all customers and make sure they are satisfied with their services. What you can expect:

Capital One checking

Reward checking: Every time you write a check, make online payments or use your debit card, then rewards are dished out. These rewards are redeemable for cash, products or even travel. To open a rewards checking account, one has to pay a nonrefundable fee of $50.

High yield checking account: The main pro to using the high yield checking account is that there isn’t any monthly charges, and it also offers the highest interest rates on checking accounts.

Capital One 360 checking: This is a feature that offers a list full of merits. With this service, there is no minimum deposit or service fee, it also gives you access to over 38,000 ATMs at convenient locations.

Capital One savings

Smart savings: For effortless saving while using this service, then set up automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account. They charge a non-refundable fee of $25 to open this account.

Capital One 360 savings: in one easy step, simply transfer your money from your current bank account to this savings account, and sit back and watch your money grow. Clients using this service enjoy features such as no fees or minimum deposits.

Capital One credit cards

There are many credit cards available from Capital One, such as:

Capital One rewards credit card: Capital one bank offers you a chance to earn points, cash or miles every time you make a purchase using your capital one credit card. This may be redeemed for gift cards or even travels.

Student credit card: Capital One bank offers students a chance to build their credit history while they attend school. The pro to this feature is it gives students tools to manage their credit plus their monthly credit score.

Secured credit cards: Get started by making a small security deposit, and earn a credit line as your payment record improves.

Capital One secured MasterCard: The pros to using this type of card is one is able to qualify with limited or bad credit, no foreign transaction fees. The cons are that there is no annual fee, no rewards and a relatively high APR.

Capital One online Banking: Download the Capital One app on your smartphone, and have an abundance of mobile banking tools at your fingertips. Another pro tick on their list is that you could view the account balances and recent transactions.

A big pro on the list is the ability to bank your check by mobile phone. You just have to take a clear still shot of the back and front of the check and funds will soon be credited into your account.

A con to using this bank for “offline” banking is that although it serves a lot of people — close to 45 million clients — it only has 1000 branches across nine states. So if one is not able to access the branches, then some features, such as high yield checking and smart saving account features, may not be available.

With this list of the pros and cons of various features offered by Capital One, you can easily decide if Capital One Bank is the best online banking option for you and your business.

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