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Menards Credit Card Review: A Look At The Rewards

bigThere are some amazing rewards to using a Menards credit card. Users get $10.00 cash back after they have made their first $100 worth of purchases on the card — a beneficial feature for those who choose to use the card for travel or gasoline purchases. There are no limits on the amount of money which can be made off of the rewards program. It is an annual program which gives users between 1% and 2% cash back on their purchases course of an entire year.

There are also benefits for individuals who shop at certain stores such as Speedway, Holiday, Kwik Trip Stores and Kwik Star Stores. The stores only provide a 1% cash back annual return, but card purchases in general from the store provide a 2% cash back return. The unlimited nature of the rewards program makes up for the fact that the percentages are lower than some cards on the market. Users also get 5ยข per gallon off of gasoline at all Holiday locations. This is helpful for people who drive a lot and are trying to save money on their travel expenses.

Other Membership Benefits
There are rewards available for people who use their card on a regular basis. They can increase the amount of financial special offers they receive as a result of being a cardmember. There is a 25 day grace period related to late payments because the company understands the difficult nature of the financial responsibilities most consumers face.

Cardholders can use their Menards card in numerous locations worldwide. They also have the availability to handle their billing issues online and are able to receive alerts two suspicious activity on their card online to protect their identity. This is beneficial for individuals who are struggling with financial hardship and are concerned about the possibility of identity theft making their life more difficult. The interest rate on the card is a little bit high at 24.99%; however, there is only a 3% increase on late payments. The $35.00 late payments each can often be waived if an individual has a superior credit history of paying on time in the past. Some users will not like the fact that they do not have the ability to use the card for cash advance purposes.

Other Factors to Consider
The absence of a smart chip is bothersome to some individuals, but access to e-mail alerts of any suspicious activity helps to protect the identity and security of the card. There are special big savers club options available for users who are on time with their payments and use the card on a consistent basis. Overall the card is beneficial for people who are located near the businesses with which they have partnerships.

Big Card Savers Club
Savers Club members often get discounts on travel related items such as hotel reservations and airline discounts. The use of these services are helpful for business people who like taking care of their business related travel needs without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Discounts on reservations for hotels and other financial benefits from traveling also makes it easier to take the family vacation without worrying about the long term financial consequences.

The staff are helpful and the application process is basic and simple for individuals who are looking to have a high quality credit card.

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