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Marshalls Credit Card Review: A Look At TJX Rewards

tjx-credit-cardThe TJX Rewards line of MasterCard credit cards offered by T.J. Maxx and Marshalls have a series of features that consumers will find not only convenient, but possibly even lucrative. The TJX Rewards line of cards shows that Marshalls pays close attention to what its customers are saying and is prepared to offer the types of features and programs that clients are looking for.

The Basics Of TJX Rewards
There are two different types of TJX Rewards cards; TJX Rewards and TJX Rewards Platinum. The Platinum Rewards program is for people with fair credit who still want to enjoy the benefits of shopping at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. If you have a little better credit, then you can enjoy the added benefits of the full TJX Rewards card.

The basic features for each card are no annual fee and a 26.99 percent APR on all purchases. But there are a few differences that you should be aware of when it comes to each card. Those differences are:

  • The Platinum Rewards Card APR is variable, while the TJX Rewards card APR is not variable.
  • The TJX Rewards card gives consumers 10 percent off the price of the first purchase made with the card.
  • The TJX Reward card only gives consumers five points for every $1 spent at Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Sierra Trading Post and Home Goods.
  • The Platinum Rewards card gives the same five point structure, but also gives an additional point for every dollar spent at any other retail location.
  • The TJX Rewards card offers a $10 in additional rewards for every 1,000 points. The Platinum Rewards card does not offer the additional $10 bonus.

Some Fees To Consider
Along with the 26.99 percent APR interest rate, the TJX Rewards Platinum cards has a couple of extra fees that the standard Rewards card does not have. Each cash advance on the Platinum Rewards card is subject to an interest rate of 29.99 percent and there is a foreign transaction fee of three percent.

Both Rewards cards carry a $35 late fee for late payments. Both cards can also have their interest rates affected by late payments, which would be at the discretion of the issuer.

Additional Benefits
The standard TJX Rewards card offers various price discounts and other incentives based on promotions created by the issuer. The standard Rewards card also has what is known as “Surprise and Delight” benefits that can occur at random times throughout the year.

The Platinum Rewards card carries these same benefits, but also offers price protection and extended warranty services. With the price protection service, if you buy an item and there is an advertised price that is lower than what you paid within 24 hours of your purchase, then you will get reimbursed the difference. The extended warranty option allows you to enhance the manufacturer’s warranty by up to 12 months on qualified purchases.

It is surprising to note that there is no limit set on how many points you can accumulate on your TJX Rewards MasterCard credit cards. Since you get a $10 cash reward on the Platinum card for every $200 spent, you can also consider the Platinum card as giving you a five percent discount on all of your qualified purchases.

The Bottom Line
If you shop at Marshalls regularly, or any of its other affiliated stores, then getting a regular five percent off all of your purchases is not a bad deal. If you tend to carry a balance on your credit cards, you would have to try and justify the 26.99 percent APR, which can be a little high. If you have the standard Rewards card, then the nearly 30 percent APR on cash withdraws can also be a bit excessive. But these cards do offer enough incentives to make them a benefit to regular Marshalls customers.

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