Personal Finance Reviews: A Look At Their Services

lenny Lending Tree is a website that allows consumers to compare the services of financial competitors in a very short amount of time, and acts as a broker to connect consumers with a variety of financial products. Here is a review of the services.

Compare Loan Offers in Five Minutes
Lending Tree displays multiple financing options in a very short period of time. There have been more than 25 million loan requests flowing through the Lending Tree website. This service allows customers to compare loan features to find the best fit for their needs.

When you enter the Lending Tree website, you are greeted by what appears to be one of Jim Henson’s Muppets. That suggests that the site is nice, easy and friendly – even a kid could use it. The color scheme is fluorescent green, blue and white. It is an easy-to-navigate website; everything has its place and there is no clutter.

The tabs on the top of the page include the following: Home Refinance, Buy a Home, Auto Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Cards. The buttons are nice and big, and they are easy to follow. You can also comment on the customer service immediately by just clicking on the “Give Feedback” Thumbs-Up tab on the bottom right.

Just enter your information into the large boxes entitled Loan Type and Home Type. If you want a more personalized search, you can click on the orange button that says “Get Personalized Rates.” There are also calculators to allow consumers to figure out the total cost of a loan.

“When Banks Compete, You Win”
In the middle of the screen, you can choose from three different categories, for example Credit Score, Fast Personal Loan or Live Current Loan Quotes. The orange button on the bottom allows you to check these options quickly. The terms and conditions are listed in some of these displays.

“Instant Mortgage Loan Quotes” are next. All of the information is easy-to-read. You must enter in your loan purpose, property type, ZIP code, property value and credit score. Just hit the “Calculate Offers” button to view the results.

There is also a more private option called the LoanExplorer. This promises to deliver personalized quotes in seconds without the necessity of personal information. There is no commitment.

Even Credit Cards
You can even get quotes on different credit cards. Lending Tree is a solid resource because of the variety of financial offers available. There are many banks that will offer attractive bonuses and incentives to people who change their accounts. It is always good to get a second opinion.

At the bottom of the screen, there are links to news, reports and articles on mortgages, refinance rates and tips for home buyers. The Lending Tree website is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

How Are the Results?
Lending Tree has received strong praise from customers and experts. Most positive Lending Tree reviews simply like the number and variety of financial packages listed. The other most popular websites are all linked to one particular bank, which of course will try to promote its own loans.

Customer service and education all are top-notch for the Lending Tree site. The website makes it easy to look up a wide range of loan types. And as its motto states – “When banks compete, you win.” You can make a more informed decision when you consider auto loans, student loans, personal loans or home financing from a variety of lenders.

Lending Tree has received both the 2015 Top Ten Gold Award and 2015 Top Ten Excellence Award from the “” website. More than 250 lenders offer their services on the Lending Tree website.

Consumers do need to be careful about how many loan inquiries they make. The Fair Isaac (FICO) company does consider how many times you ask for a loan when calculating your credit score. If you’re looking for the latest mortgage rates in your area with no credit check, be sure to try our mortgage rate comparison tool here on!

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