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Kohls Credit Card Review: A Look at the Pros and Cons

kohlscardWhether you shop occasionally or on a regular basis, signing up for Kohl’s credit card can be a great decision for the right kind of consumer. This department store offers a variety of merchandise including clothing, shoes, and home accessories. The Kohl’s credit card allows shoppers to purchase merchandise with the option of paying later. Credit card holders are also eligible for a variety of in-store and online discounts.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Kohl’s credit card to determine if this card is right for you.

Merchandise Variety

One great advantage of the Kohl’s credit card is the wide variety of merchandise that customers have to choose from. This department store sells men, women, and children’s clothes and shoes. Shoppers can purchase pants, shirt, dresses, skirts underwear, and shoes at a competitive price. Customers have a variety of kitchen accessories to choose from including dining ware and appliances. This department store also sells bedding accessories such as sheet, comforters, and pillows. People can purchase bathroom accessories such as towels, rugs, and shower curtains from Kohl’s. A variety of furniture is available at Kohl’s for the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Shoppers can also purchase impressive jewelry at this department store.

Buy Now Pay Later

Many shoppers take advantage of the Kohl’s credit card so they can easily purchase merchandise with the option of paying later. This is a convenient payment option for people who need to purchase a great deal of merchandise at one time. Whether you are school shopping for your children or need professional clothes for yourself, you can easily pay off the bill by making monthly payments. This is also ideal for shoppers on tight budgets that might have trouble paying the entire bill at the time of service. The Kohl’s credit card also helps people improve their credit when they make payments on time.

Excellent Discounts

Shoppers are eligible for a variety of discounts when they pay with their Kohl’s credit card. People will save 15% off their entire purchase when they sign up for the credit card for the first time. Credit card holders will also be eligible for 15%, 20%, or 30% off their entire purchase at least 12 times a year Shoppers will receive a scratch off card in the mail that will determine how much of a discount they will receive. People will also have access to more discounts when they receive the catalog in the mail. Shoppers will receive 18 additional discounts annually when they charge at least $600 on their card a year. The discount at Kohl’s helps customers save a great deal of money in the long run.

High Interest Rate

Purchasing merchandise with a credit card has a great deal of advantages, but shoppers should also be aware of the disadvantages. Unfortunately, there are consequences for paying for merchandise on credit. Shoppers will be required to pay interest on their purchases when they pay with a credit card. Interest will not be charged to shoppers when they pay off their entire balance within thirty days. However, interest will be charged when people have a remaining balance after thirty days has passed. Most people end up paying more for their purchase when they pay with a credit card.

Debt Problems

Irresponsible spending can cause financial problems for credit card holders. Some shoppers charge purchases on their Kohl’s credit card without realizing how difficult it might be to pay off. Many shoppers run up credit card bills that are almost impossible for them to pay off. Credit card holders will have to pay financial penalties when they miss a payment, and of course falling behind on credit card payments can also affect your credit in a negative way.

The Kohl’s credit card is an excellent choice for people who do a great deal of shopping and are able to pay off their monthly balance before interest is charged. The Kohl’s credit card also comes with a variety of discounts. On the other hand, any store credit card usually has a high interest rate and can create future debt problems if not used responsibly.

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