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Kay Jewelers Credit Card Review: The Pros and Cons

kay_creditKay Jewelers is a popular jewelry store that sells a wide range of jewelry for almost any type of budget. Like most major retailers, Kay Jewelers offers a store credit card where customers can apply and receive credit immediately for a major store or online purchase. Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of opening a credit card with this store.

At first glance, this card stands out as being one that is “nothing special”. There’s really just not a lot to say about it. Unlike other retailers who reward their card carrying customers with special perks, freebies, and discounts, Kay Jewelers just doesn’t have a lot to offer. Not that it’s necessarily a bad card, it’s just kind of plain when you look at what other stores will give you to get you to sign up for credit with them and when you consider more general rewards credit cards that you can use anywhere. Kay Jewelers has a wide range of coupons and discounts listed on their web page that anyone can access, but there isn’t anything special for customers who want to use the store credit card.

The APR associated with the Kay Jewelers credit card varies between 17%-24.99%. It’s not the highest in the market, but it’s not the lowest either. The APR varies based on the dollar value of the purchase. The more you spend, the less interest you have to pay. To stay competitive with other similar retailers, Kay Jewelers does not charge an annual fee to maintain an open credit account. The fees they charge for late payments and returned payments are no different than what you would find with any other merchant.

Some customers have found that they are able to get approved for a Kay Jewelers credit card with a reasonably high credit limit when they are not eligible for any other type of credit card anywhere. For those with very limited credit options and blemishes on their credit history, this might make the Kay Jewelry credit card worth a closer look. An open account with a good payment history can help make a positive difference in a personal credit report.

Kay frequently offers special financing options with a 0% APR for a specific period of time. If purchases are paid off within the promotional period, then no interest is applied. That said, if there is still a balance at the end of the promo period, interest is then applied retroactively back to the date of purchase. Only purchases over $500 are eligible for this promotion. Smaller purchases have the standard high interest rate applied.

A downside to Kay Jewelers special financing option is that it requires a 20% down payment at the time of purchase. No running into the store and making a large purchase with the credit card. You have to put forth some serious cash (remember, only purchases over $500 are eligible for the special financing) regardless of the credit limit on your card.

Unlike many other retailers, Kay Jewelers does not offer a rewards program or other perks for card holding customers. Their credit card program seems very simple with a varying APR based on purchase amount and no outrageous fees. It may appeal to consumers with limited credit availability who can’t find a better deal somewhere else. Others may like the ease of finding an item, applying for credit and special financing, then paying off the purchase within the allocated time frame.

Because this card may be a better deal for some consumers than for others, this is one credit card you need to look into and decide for yourself if it will be of particular benefit to you. If you want to find out more about Kay Jeweler’s and their store credit card, feel free to visit


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