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Is Sherwin Williams Super Paint Worth the Cost?

paint_template-1Whether you’re staging a home for sale or just want a bit of an upgrade to your own home, almost every homeowner has thought about painting his or her home. While color considerations are likely the first to come to mind, another very important factor remains – what brand of paint should you use?

Depending on where you live and what home improvement store you frequent, the choices will vary. But one paint has a reputation for making homes especially staging-worthy. That paint is Sherwin Williams Super Paint. But is it worth the extra money?

First off, let’s clarify what this paint is. Super Paint comes in two varieties – one is suited for exterior painting, and the other is appropriate for interior use. The main difference between this paint and other paints is that it is both a paint and primer in one. This can save you the labor of having to cover your walls with primer and paint. It may also be able to save you some money, depending on the brand of primer and the brand of paint you would otherwise buy.

Super Paint also has a unique formulation, as it’s made of acrylic latex. This provides a rich finish on whatever surface you want to paint. It comes in four finishes, making it easy for you to pick exactly how much gloss you want:

  • Flat – this is a matte finish, which gives a classic look and helps to reduce the visibility of surface imperfections.
  • Velvet – this is slightly glossier and easier to clean
  • Satin – this finish adds a little more gloss and a bit more cleanability
  • Semi-gloss – this is the glossiest finish and is better for areas that you’ll need to clean more often

So we know that this paint makes it faster to paint your interior and exterior surfaces. But how much does it cost? Each gallon is $50.99 from Sherwin Williams, and you’ll need about 0.1 gallons per square foot of paintable area. Whether you do one coat or more depends on a variety of factors, including what kind of finish you want.

In order to put the cost into perspective, one of this company’s least expensive paints is less than 30 dollars per gallon. Sherwin Williams offers a variety of primers, and they range from under 30 dollars to more than 50 dollars per gallon.

So is this paint worth the price? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether it’s worth it depends on your aesthetic, your painting experience, and more. In some cases, you might prefer cost savings over finish and go for a less-expensive paint from this company or another company. If you’re trying to stage a house for sale, you might want to spring for this finish in hopes that it will entice potential buyers. A good paint job can make a house look and feel homier.

In addition, whether you choose this paint or not may come down to your painting goals. If you’re worried about mold and other microbes, you may prefer an anti-microbial primer and then a paint without primer included.

But if you value a professional-looking result that involves minimal effort from you, this paint may be worth the extra money. In addition, the available finishes can help you select the exact finish you want for interior and exterior. It’s like the old saying: you can pick two things out of fast, cheap, and good. This paint is not cheap, but if you want a good paint job that will not take long to complete, the extra cost can be worth it.


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