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How to Buy Professional Clothes Without Spending a Paycheck

professional-womenBeing employed in the business world means you must look the part each day as you enter the office. Business clothes, however, can be extremely expensive because of materials and designer contributions. You might be climbing the corporate ladder, and you’re not ready to pay those exorbitant prices. As a solution, you need to be creative when buying that new suit or blouse. Consider these tips as you shop for the best clothing deals in the city. It’s not necessary to spend an entire paycheck on clothes.

Borrow From Friends

Don’t discount the resources that your friends might have in their closets. A former, corporate secretary who now works out of the house may have an entire wardrobe that’s collecting dust. Ask your friends if you can look at their items and borrow them. In many cases, people are thrilled to get rid of these clothes that are simply taking up space in their homes. If you have friends who’re mainly current professionals, you can always suggest a swapping party. Everyone brings their clothes to a gathering, and you simply trade off items. It’s possible to fill out your wardrobe with just smart swaps. You might have four black skirts and no blazers, for instance. Trade out one or two of those skirts for the jacket that will complete your look.

Thrift Stores are Treasure Troves

In the past, you may have drove right past the local thrift store. Take a second look at this resource, however. Thrift stores are places where people drop off their discarded items, and you can discover them as treasures in your case. Their inventory is constantly changing, so you’ll need to visit several times before finding every item that you might need. Speak to the store’s clerk about your wardrobe needs too. This person may have items in the back that haven’t moved for many months. You might be the right person to buy those items at a steep discount. Thrift stores simply want to move their stock like any other business.

Think Classic

outlet-clothing-2That asymmetrical hemline might be attractive today, but think of the broader picture as you shop for deals. An unusual skirt will quickly go out of style, and you’re faced with another wardrobe dilemma. Ideally, pick out clothing items with a timeless style. Basic black or pinstripe skirts or classic suits are always perfect for the office. Button-down blouses with an elegant appeal will work in any professional environment too. If you ever change jobs, your current wardrobe can easily follow suit. You’re welcome to buy some trendy items as a special splurge, but don’t fill the entire closet with styles that will expire in a few months.

Outlets Equal Budget-Friendly Resources

481Research clothing outlets near your home. These facilities collect all of the off-season items that department stores don’t want to display anymore. They’re discounted and sold at the outlets until they sell. In fact, many items are often discounted multiple times in order to move them out of the facility. Take some time to explore these outlets for the best deals. There will be some expensive items, but some diligent searching will usually turn up some great choices. From a designer dress to perfect work shoes, nearby outlets might be the answer to your clothing needs.

Look to the Dry Cleaner

One of the most unusual places to look for budget-friendly clothes is the dry cleaners. These facilities take in countless items, but many people forget about them afterward. In fact, dry-cleaning facilities will usually hold onto items for a few months. After that period, they donate them to local charities. They simply don’t have the room to hold onto the items. Strike up a conversation with your local dry cleaner about any abandoned items. They’re usually happy to show you clothing that’s marked for donation. For a negotiated amount, you can buy these clothes that are already dry cleaned and ready for the office.

Your clothes might be secondhand, but you can still dress up a business appearance with a neat look. Comb your hair, add a simple accessory and smile for your colleagues. Your personality should shine through regardless of your clothing. That promotion won’t be too far away as a result.

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  1. Locally, in Boston, Second Time Around on Newbury Street (there are a few locations, one for men and one for women) is a great place to find higher end clothes at bargain prices.

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