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How Many Ways Can I Check My Green Dot Balance?

green-dot-240cs072711The Green Dot card is one of the best prepaid debit cards available. It’s a popular replacement for a traditional checking account because the Green Dot card can be used anywhere that you would normally use a Visa or MasterCard – so it can be used to pay bills online as well as to make purchases over the Internet or get cash from an ATM. You can check your Green Dot card balance using six different methods. Check your balance over the phone, on the Internet, using a text message, through the Green Dot app, at the ATM or by setting up automated alerts on your account. You can also check the most recent transactions using five of the following methods. Note that some of these methods may incur an additional charge.

Check your Green Dot balance by calling the automated customer service line at 1-866-795-7597. Follow the automated prompts to enter your card number and expiration date. Your available balance and the most recent transactions will be recited to you. You can also request the assistance of a customer service representative who can provide your balance and help you with any additional issues.

You can check your Green Dot balance on the website. Just go to the Green Dot login page and create a login ID and password once you receive your personalized Green Dot card in the mail. Log in with your ID and password, and then proceed to the Account section of the site to view your current balance.

Note that the Green Dot website is optimized for mobile access. This means that you can use the Internet to check your Green Dot balance from a desktop computer, a laptop or right from your smartphone or tablet.

Smartphone App
The Green Dot app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Download the app from iTunes for your iPhone or iPad. You can find the Green Dot app for Android devices in the Google Play store. The Green Dot app is also available for BlackBerry devices.

Install the app, and then create an online account if you do not already have one. Log into the app with your ID and password. You can check your balance and manage your Green Dot account right from your smartphone or tablet using the secure app. You can also add funds and find the closest ATM with the Green Dot app.

Text Message
You can send a text message to Green Dot and your balance will be sent to you in a return text message. First, address your text message to the shortcode “43411” which spells out “GD411“ on your phone’s dial pad. Next, type the letters “BAL” plus the last four digits of your Green Dot card number. If the last four digits of your card number are “1234,” you would enter “BAL1234.” Tap “Send,” and then wait a second or two for the response text. Your balance is texted back to you in the reply. To opt in to the texting service, you must first create an online account, and then sign up for the Texting service.

With the Green Dot card, you can set up real time alerts to be delivered to your phone that will notify you of incoming deposits or when your balance reaches a designated level. To set up alerts, first create an online account. Log in with the ID and password you created, go to the Accounts section of the Green Dot site, and then configure how and when you want to receive your alerts.

You can check your Green Dot card balance from any ATM that accepts the Green Dot card. Just swipe your card and enter your PIN. Select the Balance Inquiry (or equivalent) option to see your available funds on the screen. Most ATMs will also print your available balance on the receipt. ATM inquiries from a MoneyPass ATM are free to Green Dot users. Other ATMs charge a $.50 fee.

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  1. Greendot Card user says:

    I think Greendot may have changed there text keycodes For Greendots 43411 text number. Because when I texted BAL(xxxx) where the “x” is the last four my/ your card. It does not seem to work nor does HIST(xxxx).
    The code M for more info did not work
    Neither did texting HELP to 43411.
    LOC. worked for giving bank locations
    ATM worked for showing ATMs.
    Wierd thing their website still shows for texting to 43411 these old codes even though some of these old codes do not work..

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