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Gift Card Granny Review: What They Offer

gift_card_grannyGift Card Granny is a website where you can compare offers to buy or sell gift cards from 14 Internet gift card exchanges and resellers. It’s easy to search the site for a specific merchant, seller or gift card amount. The homepage displays featured gift cards from popular merchants and cards with large discounts. Gift Card Granny is an easy to navigate, bright website with a cartoon granny mascot. To buy or sell, you clink on a link to a reputable, clearly identified third-party website.


The average discount per gift card seller is displayed on the Buy Gift Cards page of the Gift Card Granny website; the median discount is approximately 13 percent. The highest discount is 18.6 percent; the lowest discount is 7.8 percent. New bulk gift cards for prizes, fundraising and corporate gifts are also available through Gift Card Granny.


Gift Card Granny lists discounted gift cards for major department stores, such as Wal-Mart and Sears. Gift cards for restaurants, such as Olive Garden and McDonald’s, movie theaters and online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes are also offered. There is a large selection of gift cards from hundreds of budget, mid-range and upscale merchant. Granny lists electronic and physical gift cards from merchants. Some of the gift cards are redeemable in stores only or online only, but limitations are clearly marked.

Gift Card Sellers

Gift Card Granny is not the seller of the gift cards, each is sold by reputable gift card resellers. Offers include gift cards from eBay sellers, including sellers with no feedback and a no return policy, although eBay has its own buyer protection plan.

Sellers offer refunds; each seller has their own refund policy. Customers are responsible for checking the refund policy of each seller if they are buying gift cards from multiple sellers. Gift Card Granny offers a link to each seller’s terms on the Gift Card Buyer Protection page.

Gift Card Amounts

Gift card denominations range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, but most cards fall into the $20 to $50 range. You will see many of the gift cards offered in odd dollar amounts, such as $21.20; awkward if you’re planning on giving the card as a gift. If you are buying the card at a discount to make a purchase yourself, the odd dollar amounts are inconsequential.

Gift Card Buyers

Gift card owners can sell their unwanted cards through connections on Gift Card Granny. The website lists buyers and which gift cards they offer to buy. The average price owners of unwanted gift cards can expect is about 70 percent of the face value.

Most buyers mail checks to sellers once they receive the cards and verify the amount available. Gift Card Granny lists, in alphabetical order, each merchant’s method of checking gift card balances so potential sellers can verify the amount available before offering the card for sale.

Mobile App

Gift Card Granny’s free mobile app is available in the Apple iTunes store and on Google Play. With the app, you can buy, sell or check balances of gift cards. The app has a four and a half out of five stars user rating on Google Play and five out of five stars user rating in the iTunes Store.

Gift cards are one of the most requested gifts, but not everyone can use the gift card they received as a present. Instead of letting the card go to waste, consumers can sell their used cards on Gift Card Granny and buy a gift card that they will use. According to Gift Card Granny’s press, the website is also popular with frugal shoppers who buy a discounted gift card to make a major purchase; getting the item on sale and then using the discounted gift card for extra savings.

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