GE Care Credit: What They Offer

carecredit-cardThe cost of healthcare services are rising every day. Aside from that, many insurance companies are unwilling to help people pay for certain medical procedures. CareCredit provides healthcare financing for people who are having difficulty obtaining certain services.

CareCredit comes from a joint venture between General Electric and Synchrony Bank. GE is an American company that provides a wide variety of services including electrical appliances, utilities, healthcare assistance and financial services. The CareCredit card is a credit account that is specifically for healthcare services. It provides an alternative option for people who need work in the near future.

Types of Healthcare Services that CareCredit Covers
CareCredit financing covers a wide variety of medical services for a cardholder’s friends, family members and pets. Some of the services the financial card covers are cosmetic surgical procedures, dental procedures, hearing services, LASIK and vision services, veterinary services, weight loss surgery, sleep disorder help, podiatry and chiropractic assistance. Customers can receive Botox injections, liposuction, chemical peels, breast augmentation, root canals, braces, veneers, Six Month Smiles, hearing aids, LASIK surgery and more.

Where to Get Services With CareCredit
A CareCredit cardholder can obtain services from more than 175,000 providers across the nation. Their website contains a search tool that can help people to find the assistance they need. An interested person can find a provider in his or her local area by entering the zip code and the profession of choice. The options are available through an easy-to-understand drop down menu. Once the person selects the criteria, he or she can then click the “find provider” button to generate a list of available practitioners. The person can then choose the specialist that he or she would prefer to use.

Applying for CareCredit
To apply, you can complete the CareCredit application online, or you can call the dedicated number to speak with a live specialist. The application is a standard application that asks for information such as name, address, social security number, driver’s license number, monthly income amount and so forth. A person who obtains approval will receive notification of the approval amount immediately. The decision comes up on the screen as soon as the applicant submits the application. The CareCredit card will arrive in the mail within 10-14 days, and you can visit the desired specialist and use the account to pay for the care.

How CareCredit Works
CareCredit offers a promotional period during which the borrower does not have to pay interest. The promotional period can last for six months, 12 months or 18 months. You will have to pay equal amounts each month until the balance of the procedure is paid. For example, an 18-month loan for $800 will have a $45 monthly payment during the promotional period. If you do not pay the full balance of the loan within the promotional period, then you will have to pay interest dated back to the beginning of the loan. A 24-month repayment option may also be available. People who are applying for large loans of more than $1,000 may have the option to take up to 60 months to repay their advances. They also will be eligible for a 14.99 percent APR for the duration of the loan.

Consumers who have CareCredit accounts can use their cards repeatedly as long as they have credit on their accounts. CareCredit is a revolving account, which means that you can use it again after you have paid off the balance from a previous procedure. The person would be eligible for treatment payments up to the amount of the original credit line.

A person who would like to increase his or her designated credit line can contact CareCredit for a review. The person will have to explain his or her needs so that CareCredit can decide whether or not they would like to raise the limit for the person. Overall, CareCredit is a wonderful option for people who require assistance with various medical needs that their insurance doesn’t fully cover.

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