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Forward Line Financial Small Business Loans Review

Forward Line Financial Small Business Loans Review

Forward Line Financial Small Business Loans Review

It’s an age-old question, but one that persists—what kind of loan is right for your business? If you’re a small business owner, odds are you’ve noticed a need for additional capital already. More often than not, that capital can only come from a small business loan, and it’s important to research which loan would be best for you.

Forward Line is a financing supplier that boasts competitive options for small business financing through “non-traditional” technology-based credit algorithms. What this means for the small business owner is a higher success rate in financing smaller or more specific loans, that large banks may consider too risky to finance. But can this approach to financing provide long-term success?

The Forward Line attitude for business loans is an “honest financing” approach, one they pride themselves on building around simplicity. “We treat our clients as we would want to be treated, and genuinely enjoy helping them get the money they need to grow and achieve their goals,” said Forward Line CEO Craig J. Coleman on their alternative to traditional lending.

Building on the foundation of their thousands of clients, Forward Line looks to improve their “alternative” small business loan technology into a broad spectrum of financing services moving toward the future. Forward Line loans currently range, on average, between short-term capital investments of $5,000, to larger capital loans as high as $150,000. Their secret, Forward Line explains, is loaning based on a model of transparency.

Forward Line bases the amount a small business qualifies for around a model directly proportional to that business’s monthly sales volume. This model, they believe, not only expedites the repayment process, but ensures your business isn’t running the risk of biting off more than it can chew. They believe this model works best not only for working capital and inventory purchase, but even debt consolidation and cash flow strategies.

Businesses that may suffer from loans with long-term repayment could potentially benefit for this expedited, cut-and-dry loaning system. However, do Forward Line loans offer merit beyond the short term? While Forward Line does not penalize early loan repayment (and even incentivizes it through a discounted early repayment rate), they tout an emphasis on customer service that they say small businesses can greatly appreciate.

Forward Line explains that this short term, low-rate approach is attributed to a hands-on strategy that does away with loaning middlemen or referral reps, both cutting down on the cost of their own financing, and allowing them to stay directly involved with their clientele. This direct connection to the loanee, they say, helps to prevent undue financial burden that could potentially arise with during the average loan repayment process. Because of this, Forward Line currently maintains a substantial 85% return rate for customers.

“We had worked with another company and the repayment period was set for six to eight months. The costs were 10%-17% more than ForwardLine and it defeated the purpose because we did not have much left over in our bank accounts,” Forward Line customer Alma Burgos commented on their ongoing loan experience.

So does the Forward Line approach truly work for everyone? They proudly display their quantity of long-term customer relationships, and break down their repayment rates across their home page as part of a strategy relying strongly on transparency.

Most say yes, and Forward Line themselves encourages potential customers to review their funding quotes themselves before making any decisions. If you’re a small business that can afford to invest in additional capital while you grow, odds are you can afford to explore the alternative loaning options offered by Forward Line.

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