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Chevron Texaco Credit Card Review: A Look At The Benefits

Chevron-Credit-CardMost people will own at least one credit card in their lifetime, but it can be difficult to find a credit card that meets your personal needs. The Chevron Texaco Credit Card offers a variety of convenient features to customers who frequently buy gas at Chevron or Texaco stations. Discover more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Chevron Texaco Credit Card to learn if it’s the right card for you.


The Chevron and Texaco Credit Card is a convenient way for people to pay for their fuel purchases. Customers will be able to use the credit card at any Chevron or Texaco gas station in the country. This is an ideal option for people who do a great deal of traveling. The credit card can be utilized to purchase items in the retail stores, as well. Common retail purchases include food, cigarettes, and car accessories. There are a variety of Chevron and Texaco gas stations that perform routine maintenance and minor repairs on automobiles. People can also take advantage of an introductory offer of receiving $0.50 per gallon in fuel credit for 30 days.

Cash Access and Protection

Customers enjoy convenient cash access and liability protection when they sign up for a Chevron and Texaco credit card. People can receive cash quickly at any ATM with the Cirrus symbol whenever they need it. One great advantage of this credit card is the zero fraud liability feature. This is an ideal feature when your credit card is lost or stolen. Card holders will not be required to pay for unauthorized charges regardless of the amount. The zero liability feature can’t be used for unauthorized charge made to someone you gave permission to use the card.

Travel Club

In addition to receiving a line of credit, card holders also have the option to sign up for the Chevron and Texaco travel club. The travel club offers roadside assistance and insurance coverage. Common service include towing service, lockout service, tire repair, and battery recharge. Customers have a variety of memberships to choose from. The basic plan offers dispatch towing up to 10 miles and accidental death life insurance for the member, spouse and children. The basic plan only costs $4.25 per month. Card holders interested in a more advanced membership can purchase the Safetrek Premier plan. This membership offers mechanical repair and emergency medical transportation reimbursement. Card members can sign up for this membership for only $6.75 a month.

Financial Difficulty

People enjoy the convenience of credit cards, but card holders can experience financial difficulty when they don’t manage their account responsibly. Some people charge large amounts of money on their credit card that they are unable to pay off. People will be charge interest and penalties when they don’t pay their credit card bill on time. Members who miss payments might experience service interruption and could even have their credit card cancelled. Missed credit card payments will be reported to the credit bureaus and could impact your score in negative way.


One disadvantage of credit cards is the interest members will be required to pay on their purchases. Customers will not be charged any interest when they pay off their entire bill when they receive their first statement. However, card holders could be charged high interest rates when they pay off their credit card in monthly installments.


As with all credit cards, customers risk paying penalties when they don’t make payments on time. In addition to purchase amounts and interest, accounts will be charged an extra fee when payments are missed. Penalty fees can be as high as $29.46% when customers miss a payment or default on their credit card.

The Chevron Texaco Credit Card is a convenient way to pay for fuel. Advantages of this card include fast cash access and liability protection. On the other hand, card holders will be subject to interest and penalties. The Chevron Texaco Credit Card can be an excellent financial tool when you manage your account responsibly.

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