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Capital One Online Banking Benefits

Capital OneThe online banking system developed over the past decade by Capital One has outpaced and outperformed many of its many national (and international) competitors because of its convenience, accessibility and affordability. When it comes to gaining all three of those important benefits at once, it’s hard to beat Capital One’s free online banking.


Perhaps the most important feature of a Capital One online banking account is accessibility. Capital One guarantees all account holders clear and easy access to their available funds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Capital One’s online banking is extremely easy to use and navigate, with one of the simplest and best-planned banking websites. You can also set up daily account alerts to be delivered via email or text message for information such as as your daily balance summary or to notify you when a direct deposit has posted.

With the Capital One online banking system, all your banking information is set up to be instantly accessible, all in one place, rather than spread out across the site. This holds true as well for important actions such as transferring new funds to your personal account, or to other accounts located in other banks. Best of all, the Capital One online banking site is completely encrypted and secured.

Convenient Online Bill Pay

Capital One’s online banking system offers plenty of convenient features, including free online bill pay. This means that you can authorize funds to be distributed from your Capital One bank account directly to your creditors, without having to leave your home, schedule individual payments on several different websites, or write out a physical check. Online bill pay is one of the most welcome and overdue conveniences online banking has to offer, and Capital One’s online bill pay system is easy to use and effective.

Capital One’s free online bill pay system is exactly what its name implies: Free of charge for all Capital One account holders to use at their convenience, at any time they choose to. Account holders are free to choose which bills to pay, which ones to hold back payment on, and most importantly, which weekly or monthly bills to include in the program and which ones not to include.

The system is especially convenient for those who aren’t the best at remembering to pay their bills on time. Simply use the site to schedule a weekly or monthly bill payment for your chosen creditor and, as long as you have sufficient funds for the purpose in your Capital One bank account, the free online bill pay system will do the rest. This should come as a major source of relief to those who may not necessarily experience any problems with finding the funds to pay their bills, but who can simply never remember to pay them on time. The new online bill pay system simply takes the guessing out of the equation.

Mobile Banking

Perhaps the most up-to-date feature of all is the fact that Capital One allows you to conduct all of your online banking via your smartphone. With Capital One’s free mobile banking, you can perform functions such as checking your balance, transferring money between accounts, using online bill pay, and finding branches and ATM locations. With Capital One’s mobile banking, you no longer even need to be chained to your PC or laptop. Online banking in the 21st century is at its most convenient and most efficient when it’s at its most mobile.

Capital One’s online banking system is convenient, easy to use, and free. It gives the bank’s account holders several options and a lot of convenience on their laptop or on the go via mobile banking.

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