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Capital One No Hassle Rewards: How The Program Works

no-hasslesThe Capital One No Hassle Rewards program is just what its name indicates—a simple, efficient method for earning and redeeming rewards on your credit card charges. This program is definitely easier for cardholder participants to use than the older Capital One Rewards for Travel program or credit cards with rewards that are issued by airlines. One major advantage of No Hassle Rewards from Capital One is the convenience of using your accrued Capital One card points to book airline tickets, accommodations, etc., online. Just by logging in on the No Hassle Rewards website for Capital One credit cards, you can actually book your travel arrangements.

More Advantages of the Capital One No Hassle Rewards Program for Travel

This Capital One program awards users points per each dollar spent. Although other credit cards issuing travel rewards based on miles offer travelers a cost-effective advantage for short, expensive flights like domestic flights between two cities, Capital One has a superior deal for obtaining inexpensive fares on longer flights. The Capital One program is especially helpful if you are buying more than one ticket for a flight. It allows you to redeem dollar amounts spent for previously bought airline tickets combined with amounts spent for other purchases.

Some Disadvantages to Travel Options of No Hassle Rewards

Some cardholders have reported some inconveniences or slight disadvantages to certain aspects of Capital One’s No Hassle Rewards program. For instance, when purchasing airline tickets online, you cannot buy two tickets simultaneously. You must purchase one ticket and then repeat the process to buy the second. For this reason, it can be very difficult to obtain two seats together on the same flight. Also, there are currently many flights that require passengers to wait to receive seat assignments from an airline agent at the airport before flight time. If you and another person are traveling on the same flight and want to sit together, you will need to purchase your tickets over the phone. But by speaking directly with a ticket agent, you can purchase two or more tickets for seats together on one flight at the same time.

Other Benefits and Perks of Capital One’s Comprehensive Rewards Program

Capital One offers consumers a variety of credit card types, each offering different combinations of benefits and perks. While some cards offer specific travel benefits, others offer a percentage of money back on purchases plus bonuses based on length of card usage. The following are examples of currently popular Capital One rewards cards now being offered:

• VentureOne® Rewards Card. – Offers unlimited 1.25 miles on every purchase plus accrual of 20,000 bonus miles. Introductory APR is 0% until December 2015. Afterward, APR will be 11.9% to 19.9%, variable. There is no transfer fee or annual fee, and applicants must have excellent credit ratings.

• Spark® Miles for Business Card. – Offers 2 miles per dollar on every purchase plus the chance to earn 30,000 bonus miles. APR is 13.9% to 20.9%, variable. There is no transfer fee. Introductory annual fee is $0 for the first year with $59 due annually afterward. Applicants must have excellent credit ratings.

• QuicksilverOne® Rewards Card. – Offers unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchase, each day. Introductory APR is 0% until September 2015 and 22.9% variable afterward. There is no transfer fee, and the annual fee is $39. Applicants must have at least average credit ratings.

• Spark® Cash Select for Business Card. – Offers 1.5% cashback on all business purchases plus the chance to earn a $100 cash bonus. Introductory APR is 0% until June 2015 and 12.9% to 20.9% variable afterward. There is no transfer fee and no annual fee. Applicants must have excellent credit ratings.

Capital One Gift Cards

Capital One also offers some gift cards that include benefits of the No Hassle Rewards program. These cards offer a minimum of 100 travel miles per each dollar, so a $50 gift card will cost the purchaser 5,000 miles. In addition, there are some gift cards available that offer buyers even more attractive deals.

Capital One’s current No Hassle Rewards program offers numerous diverse perks and advantages to owners of this financial company’s many types of charge cards.

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