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Bethpage Federal Credit Union Review: What They Offer

11410610-bethpage-heartIf you live on Long Island, you ought to give Bethpage Federal Credit Union a good look. Also called “BFCU,” this credit union has a lot to offer local banking customers.

Credit unions are different from banks: Credit unions have members while banks have customers. Becoming a member of BFCU could prove quite rewarding.

Online Banking

While some credit unions are small outfits that cannot offer such “luxuries” as online banking, BFCU offers this service many people find essential. BFCU’s online banking enables account access for paying bills, performing transfers, and even depositing checks online for members with scanners. Members may also download their account histories to Quicken or Quickbooks.

Those features make BFCU’s online banking service more than adequate for most customers’ needs.


Smaller credit unions have small ATM networks. That is not an issue with BFCU. Through its branches and network, BFCU offers dozens of surcharge-free ATMs in Bethpage and neighboring towns.

Mobile Banking

Every Bethpage account includes free mobile banking. BFCU’s mobile banking enables users to

  • Create mobile alerts
  • Check their account balances
  • Make transfers between accounts

Members do not need a smartphone to use Bethpage’s mobile banking service. This service also works with older phones.

Smartphone-using members do enjoy the added convenience of mobile check deposits. With such modern banking, members may go several months or years without needing to walk into a branch!


At times, one cannot avoid having to physically go into a branch to bank. BFCU has branches well beyond Bethpage. From Long Beach to Riverhead, members who need the kind of services that you only get from face-to-face interaction can enter a BFCU branch.

Including locations inside supermarkets, BFCU has over 25 branches.

Available Accounts

Bethpage provides a rich range of accounts to its members. Those accounts include:

  • Bonus checking that earns one-percent interest
  • Checking accounts for businesses
  • Savings accounts for individuals or businesses
  • Money market accounts with better rates than banks

BFCU’s checking accounts come with convenient MasterCard SecureCode debit cards. This is one credit union that gives its members everything they could find at a bank and more.


At a credit union, members can actually get more than they might from a bank when it comes to mortgages. Credit unions return their profits to members in several ways, and one way is by offering lower interest rates on mortgages.

BFCU offers several mortgage types at rates lower than banks can provide. The mortgages BFCU offers are:

  • Fixed rate
  • Adjustable rate
  • Jumbo with a ceiling of $3 million
  • U.S. government-backed FHA loans

BFCU members who want to own property have plenty of options for financing it.

Other Loans

Members also benefit from lower rates on other types of loans: BFCU offers home equity credit lines. They also offer auto loans with better rates than banks. Members can use BFCU auto loans to buy a new car or a used one, or to refinance an existing auto loan from another institution. And Bethpage also allows members to apply for unsecured loans of up to $50,000. With so many loan options, members of this credit union have a lot of financial flexibility.

Great Customer Service

As a credit union, BFCU relates to the people it serves as members instead of customers. This credit union emphasizes great service to its members. Positive reviews on Google, Yelp and elsewhere online prove BFCU knows how to make its members satisfied.

With all Bethpage Federal Credit Union offers, it’s worth your while to take a moment and consider becoming a member if you live on Long Island and are looking for a convenient banking option with many services.

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