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Best Prepaid Credit Cards for Teens

Mango_Prepaid_CardA prepaid credit card is a plastic card that works just like a credit card works. Cardholders can use prepaid credit cards in millions of stores that accept Visa and MasterCard cards. Teenagers can learn quite a bit from a prepaid credit card. They can learn to manage money and pay bills with what they have on their cards. They can learn responsibility, and they can learn what it’s like to pay for one’s needs with a plastic card. Parents can buy prepaid cards for their teens from a wide variety of places. They can order them online or purchase from the local convenience store. A vast assortment of cards exist. The best cards are the ones that have the lowest fees, the most features and the most attractive designs. The following are four of the best prepaid cards for teens:

Walmart Money Card
The Walmart Money Card is an excellent prepaid credit card for teens because it comes from a company that people recognize. The exciting thing about the Walmart Money Card is that cardholders can receive bonuses for completing certain tasks. For example, a cardholder can earn $10 by depositing more than $500 from an income tax refund on the card. The company offers three different card options so consumers can pick a card that fits their needs. The Basic card is just a basic prepaid debit card with regular features. The Plus card comes with online features. The Preferred card comes with online features, rapid reload and more. The cards are attractive, and the monthly fees are minimal.

The Mango Card
The Mango Card is a good option for teenagers who use mobile phones and are deep into technology. Mango provides its cardholders with access to customer service support, savings accounts, mobile access, direct deposit and more. Additionally, the fees are low, and the card comes in attractive white color.

The Netspend Visa Card
The Netspend Visa Card is a wonderful option for teenagers who would like to get a taste of the way that cash back cards work. The NetSpend Visa Card is one of the few credit cards that give its customers the opportunity to earn cash back on their purchases. The NetSpend card has a higher monthly fee than some of the other cards have, but cardholders can make up for that with their rewards. Customers can add money at more than 130,000 locations, as well. The card comes in black gold or pink, and applicants can apply for the color that make them comfortable. No one is turned down for a NetSpend card.

The Kaiku Card
The Kaiku prepaid card is a cool new card that has some features that other cards do not offer. People who own Kaiku cards can take pictures of checks they would like to deposit into their accounts. Mobile deposits are an innovative technology that many consumers are using today. The Kaiku card offers a smorgasbord of other features to its cardholders such as direct deposit, PayPal transfer deposits, card to card transfers and more. The Kaiku Card is a highly convenient card because of the easy loading options such as the PayPal transfers.

Applying for a Prepaid Card
Prepaid credit cards are the easiest cards to obtain because the purchasers do not have to pass a credit check. The available balance on a prepaid card is equal to the amount of money that the consumer loads on it. To obtain a new card, the applicant has to answer a few questions and then hit the “submit” button. Almost no one gets turned down for a prepaid card. New cards will usually arrive in the mail within seven to 10 business days. Once the new cardholder loads the card the first time, the user can make a purchase the same day in most cases. Many prepaid debit card are reloadable, which means the teens can use them for many years.

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