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Belk Credit Card Review | A Look At The Rewards

Belk_Credit_CardWith the many credit card companies out there, it can be difficult to decide upon which works best for you. Many individuals choose credit card companies based on their customer services, the protections offered against theft, and the low fees involved with the card. These considerations are all important.

However, another element that should factor into your decision is the rewards incentives that the card provides you with. Many credit card companies provide their customers with some amazing credit card rewards. If you are considering a Belk Credit Card, then below is an overview of the card and the rewards that you can earn with it.

Belk Credit Card Overview

Belk Credit card is a good option for anyone that is looking for a credit card with some high-quality rewards. Essentially, there are three different types of credit cards that you can choose from. The three options are Belk Rewards, Belk Premier, and Belk Elite. As you can probably imagine, each credit card earns you bigger and better rewards than. The highest quality card is the Belk Elite, while the lowest quality card is the Belk Rewards. The card that you are able to attain depends on your income level, your credit score, and the amount you spend per month. Below is an overview of the rewards available with these cards.

The Belk Rewards Card

The Belk Rewards Card is the standard option that most credit card users choose. This card has no annual fee, there is zero fraud liability, and you can manage your account online at In addition to the protection and lack of fees associated with this card, there are also some pretty nice reward options. When you buy with this card, you can earn $1 for every merchandise purchase that you make. For every 400 points that you accumulate, you can earn $10 in reward dollars. If these point incentives are not enough, the card also gives you the opportunity to earn extra points at special events. Lastly, the Belk Rewards Card also takes away the hassle associated with returning items. If you make a return, you will not need your receipts.

The Belk Premier Card

The next option that Belk offers is the Premier Credit Card. To use this credit card, you must spend $600 or more in a calendar year. You receive all of the same advantages of the standard Belk Rewards Card. However, there are other additional benefits that you get when you have the Belk Premier Card. The Belk Premier Card also offers you special financing with the Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan, free deluxe gift wrap, and free basic alterations. So, if you are a big spender and make a great deal of business suit and gift transactions, then this card may be a better option than the traditional Belk Rewards Card.

Belk Elite

The last option offered by Belk is the Belk Elite Card. To use this card, you must spend $1,500 or more in a calendar year. You receive the same benefits that you would receive under the Belk Rewards and Belk Premier Card. However, this card offers you some exclusive advantages too. With this card, you can attend Triple Points Events, the elite points never expire, you receive 15% off Pick Your Own Sale Days every quarter, you get a 20% birthday coupon, and you also have free standard shipping in-store and on Therefore, if you spend a great deal in a given year and if you are looking for some exclusive rewards, then Belk Elite may be the right option.

Overall, Belk offers some great reward options with the cards that they have available. The application process is fairly easy and you receive your card within a few weeks. Belk also has a good bank to work with, the customer service is friendly, and the bank works with you in regards to payments and inquiries.

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