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Are you starting your personal credit history or rebuilding a problematic past? Are you familiar with Merrick Bank’s credit card offers? Review information about Merrick Bank below, and find out if there is a card that matches your needs. About Merrick Bank and Its Credit Cards Merrick Bank was created in 1997 as an FDIC insured credit card issuer. Over […]

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There are a ton of department store credit cards available to consumers today, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here’s the run-down on the Belk Rewards Credit Card, so you can be an educated applicant. Card Basics The Belk Rewards Card is similar to many department store cards in that it offers […]

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A credit card is a great tool to help you finance purchases when you are unable to pay cash, get out of emergency situations, and leverage “OPM” (Other People’s Money) to increase your purchasing power. Credit cards also offer rewards programs which give you perks such as airline miles, discounted hotel and rental car rates, and even cash back on […]

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Apply for a BP Visa Card to Enjoy Benefits Choosing the right credit card for your needs is important. Lucky for you and for many consumers out there, companies are becoming more creative in how they approach consumers. Many companies out there try to gear their credit cards towards the needs of their customers. One prominent example of this is […]

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Applying for a credit card through Barclays is a great way to find a good credit card that has rewards perks and other benefits. Barclaycard operates many different credit cards in the US with their own advantages. Barclays and Barclaycard Barclays is a major financial institution based in the United Kingdom. Their credit card arm is called Barclaycard. They specialize […]

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In today’s world of rising gas prices, we can all benefit from the ability to save some money at the pumps. If you are looking for a gas card to meet your fuel needs, look into the Shell Saver card. About Shell and Shell is an leader in the oil and gas industries, and operates in over 70 countries […]

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If you have limited credit options due to a poor credit history, you may be tempted to apply for any type of credit card you think you can get. Net First Platinum may come across your radar. The big bold letters saying “Guaranteed $500 unsecured credit limit” certainly sound appealing enough. Is this a good option for you? Is This […]

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Apply for a Shell Platinum Master Card to Reap the Benefits These days, companies are becoming more creative when it comes to attracting and keeping customers. If are currently considering filling out a credit card application, then the Platinum MasterCard may just be the right fit for your wallet. Below is an overview of the card and what the application […]

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U.S. Bank credit cards are perfect for consumers who want to be spoiled with a multitude of perks and benefits. U.S. Bancorp offers a wide range of credit cards that will cater to your every desire. If you would like a card from a company that will shower you with an assortment of options, then you can easily apply online […]

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Fuel expenses are a constant concern for modern consumers. Therefore, a credit card that can offer savings on fuel expenses is a highly desired product in the modern credit card market. The Shell gas station paired up with Citibank to develop the perfect credit card for consumers who focus mainly on fuel. The Shell Drive for Five card is an […]

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