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AT&T Universal Credit Card Review | A Look At The Rewards

att-cardThe AT&T Universal Credit Card offers perks for both customers and business owners. The AT&T Universal Card is ideal for people who really want to reap rewards immediately for any card activity. Points accumulated can really be redeemed almost immediately.

Key advantages

The card offers 10 percent savings on all eligible purchases for any AT&T services. Products like AT&T Digital TV, Internet and other packages are eligible for immediate savings for the first 12 months. In a year’s time, one can easily come up with $350 each year in immediate savings just for purchasing something your household is already most likely to use. ThankYou Rewards are additional perks available to cardholders. The ThankYou program for cardholders is perhaps one of the best packages and offers available.

Other perks

• Two free directory assistance inquiries
• Have 30 free phone minutes on a monthly basis
• There is no enrollment required for the travel accident insurance program
• Members can pay for any damage to a vehicle purchased using the AT&T credit card
• The warranty provided for any new item purchased is extended for an additional year if the card is used to make a purchase for an item that has a three-year or less warranty.

ThankYou Perks

Purchases are eligible for points. Any type of purchase made at practically any location is eligible for points. The exclusions include cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, fees, credits and any charges made over the assigned credit limit. The freedom that comes with the ThankYou program makes it possible for you to easily earn points without any limitations. Points accumulated can even be used toward bill payments made for any account except those held with a Citibank or Citibank affiliate program. Points can be used immediately once they have been transferred to the member account. Points are transferred every month.

Benefits for business customers

Cardholders that are a part of the Small Business program can also benefit from the points accumulated in ThankYou Points program. Small business customers earn points once they’ve made a bill payment or if a check has been paid. Points are accumulated as you use the card to purchase products and services for their business.

Other perks

• Travel emergency assistance
• Retail purchase protection
• Fraud protection

Pros for participating in program

There are numerous advantages to this program. There aren’t as many restrictions for having this type of card. Points can be easily accumulated for everyday activities and transactions. It is also advantageous to be able to save money for an indefinite period of time for services like cable. The company does a great job of removing many of the restrictions for accumulating points for the ThankYou Points program. The simple conversion process makes it easy for customers to understand. Once you have spent $500, you get 10,000 points automatically within three months. Going forward, you are awarded one point for every dollar spent. The straightforward calculation process makes it very easy for consumers to understand the program.

Possible cons of this program

Unfortunately, there is no introductory rate available for purchases. The average rate is between 13.99 percent and 23.99 percent. Seeing the points takes two statements, and this could be frustrating for you if you want to begin using your points immediately. After the first year, you can only get 5 percent cash back on AT&T products. You can become used to the initial ten percent savings on eligible AT&T products and may be upset that the savings aren’t permanent.

Applicants can submit an application and can receive a decision within a few minutes of submission. Customers can also call 1-800-423-4343 to learn more about what’s being offered.

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